Gardens, Face Painting (James Kuhn) Do It and How

Cover of "Face Painting (Hotshots Series)...

Cover of Face Painting (Hotshots Series)

If you planted a garden, by now you should be enjoying some of the vegetables that your hard work has earned. Believing that it is never too late in the season, I found a website that can help you to become an even better gardener and as a double bonus, provide you with a host of tasty recipes for your over-abundant crop of zucchini. That was the first websearch I performed this past week. Next, I decided to scope out as many pretty pictures—scenics, that is, that I could find on the internet. That was easy, and I am going to tell you how to do it if you do not yet know. And lastly, I stumbled upon a recognizable name from Beacher Country while foraging for websites this week. Keep reading.

Garden Guides ( Have you been harvesting the vegetables you planted in May? Is your crop of tomatoes, peppers and zucchini so abundant that you are overwhelmed? Fear not. Just log on to the Garden Guides, type in the veggie you have perhaps too much of, and voila! –you will be given some recipes that will help you consume your goodies without wasting them. While you’re at the website, you might find other items to help you become an expert at growing things.

Beautiful Scenery (type in with quote marks and use your favorite search engine). Sometimes I make it harder on myself than necessary when I set out to find a particular topic. I recently had a yen to look at some landscape scenery that I might want to use as desktop wallpaper in the future. Instead of searching for “desktop wallpaper,” I just typed “beautiful scenery” into the Bing search engine. It returned pages and pages of pretty scenes, and I could have spent half a day looking at all of the images. And as long as we are on the subject of search engines, I recently discovered that I could find reviews of businesses and tourist attractions by just typing in “reviews of [fill in the blank]”. You can read my review of my recent trip on the Grand Canyon Railway on my blog, razmataz (

Face Painting in Motion by James Kuhn (look for “hawhawjames” on YouTube and Flickr). It has probably been a decade since I wrote about James Kuhn’s oversized holiday light show in Three Oaks in the Beacher. This talented local artist hit the internet big time in 2009 when some of the really popular blogs started plugging James’ one-of-a-kind face paintings. James’ creative soul is out there for all to see.

Do It And How ( Whoa, Nellie! Did you know that you could write clear messages on a banana? Do you want to learn to line dance without going out in public? These and dozens more instructions are here for the taking. Just reading the blog is lots of fun.


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