Farmers Markets and Drum Corps

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As summer vacation winds to an end, at least for students going off to school, there are two activities that should be put on your summer to-do list: attending at least one farmers’ market, and attending the DCI World Championship prelims at Ames Field next week. I’ve been able to attend several area farmers’ markets here in Arizona, but I sure do miss drum corps. I see that Rik Richards wrote a story about the annual show at Ames on July 5. Those who missed that one have a second chance to experience the talented corps before they head off to the championship competition in Indianapolis.

Michigan City Farmers Market: ( This website is sponsored by Local Harvest ( In addition to a brief description of the items for sale, it provides a nifty little checklist of specific veggies and other items you can expect to find. If you have never tried fresh beets, for example, you’ll be pleased to discover some recipes right on the website.

Michigan City Mainstreet ( How nice to find an events calendar plus blurbs about local doings and places to go all at one convenient website. I like the abundance of pictures of featured places, too. Next to The Beacher, Michigan City Mainstreet is a great little resource for people in Northwest Indiana and Southwest Michigan—even Chicago, for that matter—to find fun things to do in and around LaPorte County.

Drum Corps International ( For most local folks, the Rosemont Cavaliers are the drum corps most loved. And the world class, award-winning Cavvies are loyal to their Michigan City fans. Not only are they on top of the leader board going into the finals in Indy, they have continued to amaze and entertain thousands of people from in and around Beacher Country. Imagine getting to experience their “Extraordinary” show one last time before the DCI finals. For the past three years, I watched the DCI finals in the comfort of a local movie theater—all six hours of it. If that is not an option, or getting to Ames Field Monday and Tuesday isn’t workable, then sample the pages and pages of information on the Drum Corps International official website. I wrote about this website years ago, when you could watch a corps’ entire show online. Alas, you can’t do that any longer. You can buy videos of your favorite corps’ programs. You can purchase online streaming. But the freebies are gone. And if you want to read up on Drum Corps doings, look for Michael Boo’s byline. Mike, a Chesterton resident, is a former Cavvie who writes for DCI publications as well as for Outdoor Indiana. He is also a composer and active member of Save the Tunes. Mike is usually up in Ames Field’s press box during the drum corp shows.


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