Well, hello! We’re back….

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Hello again readers.

I have been on hiatus since early June. During that time, I have been rethinking what to do (or not) with this little blog. I still write the CyberScribbles column for the Beacher Weekly Newspaper, although not always weekly. I just have not posted them here in quite a while.

I am considering beginning a new blog based on the new events happening in my life. Another rare phenonmenon has crept into my life. Not enough that the family history includes PKU, Bell’s Palsy, Graves and TED and strabismus and now possibly Myasthenia gravis. You say what? That’s right–not everyone is lucky enough to hit the jackpot with all these medical issues.

I will let you know if I start a new blog. Meanwhile, check back occasionally to see if anything new is here.

Here is something to ruminate about: what does Abe Lincoln, Jean Paul Sartre, Forest Whitacre,and a younger Demi Moore have in common? I will answer that one later.

Later, alligator.

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~ by IndianaDunesPoet on November 13, 2010.

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