Miss Abigail, Wordle, Artnet, Kaboose and a Picture to Ponder

Art net
Image by Art Rock (Hennie) via Flickr

Do you consider yourself an introspective person? If you answered no, I am going to point you to a place where you can exercise your inner Zen in a very pleasant way. Next, we will visit Wordle, where you can make a printable word cloud that you can use in a variety of ways. Then we will head over to Artnet. Surprisingly, you’ll find a very artistically written monday horoscope unlike any other you have read. And more to the point of this art site, you can check the market performance of particular paintings and/or artists, in case you are thinking about making wise investments in the art market. We will head over to Miss Abigail’s time warp advice site, then end our excursion at Kaboose, a place for the child in you and for children to find some nifty craft projects for targeted holidays. Keep Memorial Day and Father’s Day in mind, since it’s too late for the Mother’s Day suggestions.

Picture to Ponder (www.picturetoponder.com). Sheila Finklestein, a life coach and photographer, has combined her two interests by providing a weekly art photo for us to, well, ponder. The picture arrives in our emailbox (if you opt for it) with a list of questions to ask yourself. The exercise will prod artists, writers, and dreamers to see themselves and their world in new ways. If you don’t usually allow yourself dream time, this site will give you that boost.

Wordle (www.wordle.com). Create a word cloud to use for scrapbooking or some other creative endeavor. It’s fast and easy. To save a little time, compose beforehand a paragraph that you would like to see stylized by Wordle. And if you don’t like low it turns out the first time, you can keep tweaking until you get it just as you want it.

Artnet (www.artnet.com). I’m sure I’ve been here before, but the home page looks different. It is still chock-full of links, but for the sake of this week’s column I focused on just two areas: the market performance trends tables the site provides art investors free, and the monthly horoscope, which is new since I last visited several years ago.Go ahead and look at as much stuff as you want.

Miss Abigail’s Time Warp Advice. (www.missabigail.com/advice). Abigail Grotke uses her collection of vintage advice books to dole out answers or solutions to those age-old dilemmas that confront us in life. This is a unique and fun spin on the Dear Abby we’ve known. Despite the age of the advice, the section on etiquette speaks directly to us today. Many, many of the messages are timeless.

Kaboose (http://holidays.kaboose.com/. Developed for children, this site offers some fantastic ideas, as well as directions, for making holiday-themed crafts. Look up what they have waiting for you to create for Father’s Day gifts. Or, for celebrating Memorial Day.

  • Wordle (flatchat.wordpress.com)
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