WIMP, the3six5, Solitary Confinement and Popular Coffee News

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The recent run of balmy weather has meant less time on the Internet and as much time as possible out-of-doors in the fresh Spring air. Therefore, this column is a bit leaner than usual. Here are a few choice items for you to access on the Web, if any of them sound like your cup of tea.

Wimp (www.wimp.com/). It’s not what you are probably thinking. Wimp compiles the “best” videos making the rounds of cyberspace. You can be sure savvy news collectors in television media check this spot for on-air filler material. Some of it cannot be aired because of its content, so be warned.

Solitary Confinement (via Bitsandpieces.com) is a National Geographic channel presentation about three young volunteers who chose to spend a week or less completely isolated from society. If you consider having a webcam in their specially-constructed cells is totally “isolated,” as well as the ability to post tweets. By the time you read this, the opportunity to peek in on James, Laura and/or Rick will have passed. I’m certain that other non-x-rated voyeuristic opportunities will be available to you on the Web. If anyone is interested.

American Mensa’s Top 50 Websites 2010 (www.usmensa.org). CyberScribbles has already mentioned at least 15 of the 50 sites those smart folks have ranked tops. I did not find a whole lot of nifty new places to explore on the Web, as I was hoping Mensa would do for me. But they did have the good sense to mention I Can Has Cheezeburger. That must mean that smart folks prefer cats, right?

The 3six5 (www.the3six5.com). Chicagoans Len Kendall and Daniel Hogema dreamed up the idea of having 365 different individuals describe a day in the year, limiting their writing to 365 words. At the beginning of the year, people were invited to sign up for a day, but not their birthday. The invite is still online, but it looks like the entire calendar is filled. Tough luck for anyone who might have wanted to join in this experiment. It has the potential to bring us all an anthropological look at the year. Or, put a different way, anthropologists 100 years from now may find this project mighty interesting.

Popular Coffee News (http://popularcoffeenews.blogspot.com). I learned about this new site via Neatorama.com. One of the Web’s more prolific bloggers has expanded his blogging to the delight of all java lovers. Did you know there is a town in Mississippi named Hot Coffee? You’ll learn lots of interesting stuff, including how to improve your brewing skills when you access this site.

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  1. Thanks for the mention!

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