Hail Fellow LOST Fanatics

Dharma Initiative / Lost
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I am a devoted LOST fan. I’ve been watching the enigmatic television series since its inception, and those around me know not to bother me during airing time. Doesn’t matter—I would ignore anyone who tried to interrupt my attention during LOST, unless it was a dire emergency.

Imagine my surprise when I found a motherload of websites devoted to this classic, confounding sixty minutes per week. I knew there were discussion boards, with viewers contributing their interpretations of the latest airings, but I had no idea how vast this network of LOST watchers is. My big discovery comes near the end of the series, which will conclude in late May. Then there will be that inevitable gap to fill with something else. This is the kind of series that one has needed to watch in sequence, so reruns won’t make sense untless a person vows to watch from the beginning. Or maybe not. With all the LOST information floating through cyberspace, anyone can catch the “bug” at any point in time. Here are some websites I found devoted to the LOST phenomenon.

108 Characters You Need to Know (www.buddytv.com/slideshows/lost/). Might as well start here, because you will need to know at least two dozen of these characters in order to follow the series. Even we veterans need to brush up on characters appearing in former episodes from time to time. Unless you are a fan who eats, sleeps and breathes LOST. There are a few of those out there, as the Internet has uncovered. Stick around BuddyTV to find other interesting stuff about this, and other television series.

LOST Rankings (www.lostrankings.dcol.com/). Fans can vote for their favorite episode here. They can brush up on the series history, too. Gosh, when you see websites for LOST that have pie charts and such, you know that the television show has spawned some fanatic viewers.

LOSTpedia (www.lostpedia.wikia.com/). This is a nifty reference site for all things LOST. It comes in handy for those of us with short memories, or those of us who don’t have time to engage in intellectual discourses on the discussion boards devoted to this television phenomenon.

Daily LOST (www.dailylost.com). I was amazed to see that this website existed. Guess what the subject is?

Never Seen LOST (http://neverseenlost.wordpress.com). Hah! This is an entertaining blog that only a true LOST fan can appreciate. A partially clueless blogger recaps each episode. He calls Dogen “Toga” and Flocke “Sad day monster.”

815 Sentences About LOST (www.815sentencesaboutlost.com). You can find some pithy stuff here.

LOST Recap Rock (www.myspace.com/previouslyonlostmusic). Wow. This showcases an extremely creative group of musicians and lyricists who post songs that summarize various episodes of the show. Adam Schatz and Jeff Curten are the musician masterminds. And, they have big plans for a finale bash out in Long Island come May.

LOST Season Six (http://lostseasonsix.joannavaught.com/). For those not in the know, this is Season Six, the final season of the hit show. Joanna gives an episode-by-episode commentary on what she absorbs from watching LOST each week.

***k Yeah LOST (http://***kyeahlost.com). Note that you have to type in a nasty four-letter word to access the website, because its title includes that nasty four-letter word. However, if you can overlook that unfortunate flaw, this website provides lots of juicy tidbits about the show, cast, and crew, and whatever. It gives insider information to all LOST fanatics. It is family-friendly, if only its creators had chosen a different title for the website.

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