Michigan City Area Videos

Last week was devoted to audiobooks and podcasts. This week is focused on videos taken in and around Michigan City. All of the videos can be found on YouTube. I was amazed at the number and variety, and quality, of local videos that I found online. But since YouTube’s urls are generally long and clunky, I am describing them by their creators and approximate dates when possible. That way, when you use YouTube’s internal search engine, you will find them easily. Most of the videos I mention are viewable with a slower broadband service, which is what I have. There are bunches of videos that I do not watch because they take too long to download on my computer. If you use dialup, then you either have the patience of a saint when trying to download videos, or you just don’t even bother.

Enjoy these videos of our area.

Dunes Highway (Driving Dunes Highway by undergroundhouse ). Starting around Ogden Dunes, the video was filmed through a very clean automobile windshield. And the auto appears to be going very fast. I know this route by the back of my hand, since it was the one I traveled along U.S. 12 every Thursday from Porter Beach to the Beacher offices back in the late ’90’s. The video, filmed when the trees were in full leaf, stops in Pines. The accompanying musical percussion is the work of Undergroundhouse, I believe. They have their own website where they promote music.

High Atop a Dune at Indiana Dunes State Park (by cwalz, March, 2007 ). The videographer, obviously not local, wonders where all the “others” are since this spot appears to be the most spectacular wonder to him. And it is spectacular. The “others” are waiting for warmer weather.

Sandboarding at Central Beach (by jpbiciunas ). I’ve watched similar sand boarders at West Beach, and it looks like tons of fun. It’s especially fun watching now, as the Winter Olympics are presently happening, and snowboarders are vying for medals.

Mean Lake Michigan Waves (by jpbiciunas). This movie maker knows how to use a camera. This scene was taken in Beverly Shores and gives us a glimpse of how stormy the lake can get. I remember taking still shots of a similar lake in deep winter, when I almost got frostbite. It’s a thrill to see if you stay way clear of the shore. Also check out a similar scene (by greatgreataunt) taken at the Michigan City beachfront with the lighthouse as a backdrop. Really cool!

Indiana Dunes Paragliding (by jk001024). Using Mt. Baldy as the launching area, these paragliders soar along the lakefront.

Lake Michigan Surfing (by getrusty, Feb. 2007 ). Okay, so they are in Hammond, but there have been surfers in Beverly Shores. This fairly long video clip (>6 minutes) is from a feature WTTW did on the South End Surf Club. It’s winter, the men are in warmish wetsuits, and the wind chill is minus 17 degrees.

Michigan city indiana washington park at sunset by jeffsmithmedia

lake michigan rough waters by greatgreataunt oct 2008


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