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(Note: Twitter comments are forthcoming in next week’s column)

Remember a few years ago when MySpace was all the rage? Currently, Facebook is the social network at the top of the pack. I found a former acquaintance while tapping into the Facebook pipeline, only to discover that I would have to sign up for my own Facebook account to get any additional information. After my brief encounter with Twitter, I will wait before deciding to register on another pop-network. So far, no luck finding this acquaintance’s contact information on Google or WhoWhere. The Facebook people are probably gloating.In light of the Haiti earthquake, many people have been using Twitter and Facebook for tracking lost relatives and friends. I’ll attempt to capture more information on the helpfulness of those sites in time for next week’s column.

Meanwhile, here is what the past week’s surfing uncovered:

Arounder ( Found while wandering some architecture sites. A treat if you like those 360° virtual tours. This site has the potential to be a decent tourist reference (if you hate Google Earth, for example). Trouble is, there are only a handful of places around the world that have been captured here. But, you’ll always have Paris. And Rome, Florence, Savannah, Georgia and a few other choices.

Design Home Tours ( If you like paging through Architectural Digest but are too cheap to subscribe to it, this website might fulfill your cravings. My time spent at this site was totally escapist. Use it to shut out the world or to gather ideas for your own home. Your choice.

New York Social Diary ( I would like to think that I am too above ever coming home from the supermarket with a National Enquirer. I can fool myself and others by glomming onto the content of the online New York Social Diary instead. Here, you can get your gossip and still feel like you are above the hoi polloi. Actually, if you read the doings of the Big Apple’s social elite regularly, you might be able to scoop the tabloids. The doings of celebrities and those well-bred socialites will be good fodder for conversation at your next social gathering.

Probably Bad News ( In past issues, I’ve mentioned many positive news sites. Today I add some balance by introducing you to this selection. Actually, it is a humor site. You will definitely find something here to chuckle about.

Sound Sleeping ( I guess you could consider this an “app.” All you will find is a set of sound volume adjusters and a choice of vibes, rain, thunder,ocean, chimes, songbirds and seagulls. Make your own sound mix, then lay back and snooze thanks to the soothing sounds. This app would be perfect to pull up from your bookmark menu during those times at the office when the stress is driving you nuts.

The Holiday Spot ( I am mentioning this site earlier than I intended. In a few weeks, we will be celebrating Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year. The Year of the Tiger celebration coincides with the big red hearts, roses, and gooey candy day. Ironic that this is the Year of the Tiger. The Holiday Spot is filled with informative stuff, including popular Chinese New Year recipes. Plan ahead.

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