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I am listening to Pandora radio ( Christmas music as I write this final column of 2009.The music certainly sets the mood. It’s nice to have Pandora at one’s fingertips, free, no file-swapping, nothing illegal about it. Choose between classical, jazz, swinging, or other genres of music and create your own station.

Screaming Santa ( After you’ve tuned in to Pandora, then set your sights to Screaming Santa, where it’s fun to look through the “albums” of photos of kids who are very unhappy when they encounter Santa, often for the first time. To be truthful, some of those Santas really ARE scary looking. But not only weepy children featured, adorable and smiling children with Santa add to the mix. My vote for best stays with the screamers, because you cannot pose scared children.

Classic Showbiz ( Did you read that URL carefully? It’s from Twitter, for heaven’s sakes. I usually do not troll Twitter, so I imagine I am missing out on lots of good stuff to tell you about. This tweeter has good stuff, namely links to episodes of old-time television Christmas shows. Such as the Walton’s 2-part episode. Remember the kinder, gentler days (1977) of John-boy and his siblings? Nostalgia abounds through the links at this Twitterer’s site. Bob Hope, Shari Lewis, I Love Lucy, Mr. Magoo and a bunch of additional vintage fare is waiting for you to access it. Go ahead and take that walk down memory lane—you don’t need cable television, just a fast Internet connection and plenty of spare time.

North Pole ( This is a kiddie wonderland that can keep youngsters from preschool to sixth grade distracted from searching the house for hidden presents. One of the nicest parts is where you plug in a child’s name and some additional information and get a personalized, printable Christmas story that will thrill the younger set. And, you can choose from three themes: Elf for a Day; Christmas Eve Cleanup, or North Pole Christmas Party. Shucks, since they are free, you can choose all three and have plenty of bedtime reading in addition to The Night Before Christmas. If your child forgot to tell Santa absolutely everything he or she wanted in the letter sent to him, he can write another one online and get a quick reply from the man in the red suit. And if that is not all, there are lots and lots of recipes for the grownups, thanks to a link to Mrs. Claus’ cookbook. The North Pole was a fun site to visit, and no one needs a coat to visit there.

Christmas Party Games ( If the holdiday gatherings you attend are dull, then you can pep them up with the group games explained here. They certainly are family-friendly, and that’s important. Some are quizzes whose subject matter is Christmas carols. Follow a special link to access the answers.

As they say, Time Flies When You’re Having Fun. We have reached the last issue of 2009, and everyone at the Beacher is ready for some rest and recreation. Have a wonderful holiday and see you back here in mid-January.

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