End of ’09 Means Review Time

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We’re coming close to the end of 2009, and as usual, the time has flown by. Last week I began the task of reviewing all the year’s columns to pick those I consider to be worthy of mentioning again in a modified Top Ten list. While going through the dozens of sites I found in 2009, I also gathered up a few new ones to mention. Let’s look at them:

Let’s Say Thanks (www.letssaythanks.com). Since I did not learn about this until after I wrote the Thanksgiving week CyberScribbles column, I’m telling you about it now, in time for Christmas delivery. You can send a free greeting card to a soldier in the Armed Forces to let them know you appreciate their service to America. You can choose from at least eight or ten designs, drawn by school students, and you can pick a ready-made written greeting or you can write your own. The main thing is to let someone who is serving our country and far away from home know that we are thinking of them. All of us like getting mail, and we can enjoy giving some cheer thanks to this website.

Traffic Wise (www.in.gov/indot.carsprogram.org/). This (Indiana) state-sponsored website is designed to help motorists navigate roads easier. It lets you know which roads are under construction, where you’ll find detours, and how to avoid delays and major headaches. I suppose this web effort is Hoosiers’ tax money at work, but it is a welcome sight for road warriors.

Now back to my 2009 Top Ten list. Last week I featured Gasbuddy.com, ThePaperboy.com, StillTasty.com, BargainBriana.com, and CriminalSearches.com. Here are the rest:

Red Pen (http://redpeninc.blogspot.com). This is the home of one of several online grammar and spelling nazis who scour sites for glaring errors. We all have our pet peeves. My current peeve is using the word “less” where the word “fewer” belongs. Just one of my little quirks. So, it’s nice to know that there are others out there, notably the folks at Red Pen, who think along the same lines.

TGISFW (www. Tgisfw..com). The initials stand for “Thank Gilligan its safe for work.” That means you will waste mucho time at this website. But hey—we all need diversion. This is clean diversion, and that is a rare commodity on the ‘net these days.

Wayback Machine (www.internetarchive.org). If you are a long-time surfer, and I mean going all the way back to the mid-nineties, you might be missing that clunky old website you tagged in your bookmark file of your first computer. Well, guess what? It is entirely possible to take that trip back to memory lane if you can remember the name or URL of that fave. That is what the Internet Archive provides. And that’s not all—you will find open source audio and video files you can download free. Got a hankering for some old Grateful Dead music? This is the place to find them. Best of all, they’re free to download.

Art Studio Chalkboard (http://studiochalkboard.evansville.edu). When I posted this the first time, I had the URL wrong. If you gave up the first time, here is your second chance to kibbutz on art classes and dip your brush into a new hobby. This site is for all levels of artists, and it has won numerous awards.

Guess I will stop with Top Nine this year. In next week’s issue, which is the Beacher’s last of 2009, I’ll tell you about entertaining Christmas-related sites.

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