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Christmas postcard date unknown, circa 1900.
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So. You have survived Black Friday and you have your Christmas decorations hung. Now it’s time to tackle the Christmas card list. Are you going to continue the quaint custom of sending a real, touchable card that gets a stamp and is sent through the postal service, or are you going to send greetings via email? This week’s column addresses both choices.

I found some links through one of my cyber research sources (Streamings) that showcases all sorts of unusual, clever, or tacky mailbox conversions. If mail carriers passed these every day, no doubt their jobs would be more fun. I can imagine these whimsical mailboxes filled with dozens of Christmas cards. And yet, the snail mail version of seasonal card exchanges appears to be an endangered species. Anyway, enjoy browsing through the links to unusual mailboxes.

I usually receive at least one Christmas card—I’m talking the animated email version—each holiday season. I checked over at and found a list of many, many email card sites devoted to the Christmas season. I reviewed several of them, many I had not known about, and list them for your convenience. Most, but not all of these email card sites have a “free” section of cards, but the idea is to subscribe for a fee to use the service’s best cards. The artists who create the animated or otherwise painterly e-cards deserve to be compensated for their skills. My guess is that many of these artists will see an increase in business as more and more people choose the e-card route to sending season’s greetings to friends and family.

Ugly Mailboxes ( Blogger Linda takes pictures of intriguing mailboxes and then posts them on her blog. She calls them “ugly,” and true, some are. Others, in my opinion, are very clever works of art. By the way, I like this blog’s banner title, and I’m glad someone has taken the initiative to post a phenomenon that may be extinct fifty years from now.

Sam’s Mailbox Picture Collection ( More fun mailboxes to view.

There I Fixed It ( You might think this has to do with hardware and tools, but you will be surprised.

Care To Cards ( Send an e-card and help a nonprofit in the process. Lots of choices of free cards here. (Thanks to Tian for alerting me to this site).

Jacquie Lawson Cards ( Count yourself lucky if you have received one of her animated e-cards. They are delightful. You can subscribe and send any of your choice for a $12 annual fee. You can send your chosen card to as many people as you want, too.

Spirit Cards ( Lovely, peaceful, and free. Thanks again to Tian for telling me about this site.

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