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For many, finding a job has become one of this year’s biggest challenges. Not being an authority on the subject, I can’t really say how important having access to a computer is to a successful job search. I only can guess, and my guesstimate would be high. Career counselors talk about the importance of preparation for an interview. That includes researching the company, researching current salaries, and so much more. Here is where the internet becomes such an important resource.

Just a few clicks and one can find encyclopedic amounts of information about prepping for an interview. Same goes for the actual job hunt. A handful of job search sites can spew out dozens and dozens of job listings. Surely you’ve noticed that your favorite daily newspaper’s Sunday classifieds have shrunk. That is where access to a computer and internet connection come in. Most libraries have internet access, with the added plus of a reference librarian who can direct you to books (yes, books) that can help, too.

Meanwhile, I’ve attempted to screen a half-dozen or more job websites to help job seekers save time. Here are some alternatives to the biggest names in online searches: Monster, Career Builder, and Hot Jobs.

Simply Hired ( You can search thousands of job boards in one place, thanks to this website. I liked what I saw very much. It gives company descriptions, trends, salaries, and when each job was posted. It also has statistics that can be helpful for those who are broadening their search outside their regional area. Find out what cities are noted for the highest job growth, or lowest unemployment rate, or highest average income. Learn also where the lowest average home costs are, currently. PC Magazine ranked Simply Hired among the Top 100 Job Sites and I can see why. It has the world’s largest job search engine and has data for fifteen countries outside the U.S. Put this among your top five sites. It’s worth checking out.

Indeed ( Plug in your “what” and “where” and be prepared for a fast response. Try it.

Hound ( Stay away from this website. I say that based on what my Web of Trust (WOT) application from Firefox told me. Hound is supposed to have a poor reputation. Just remember that there are plenty of other job search sites that are more reliable.

Career Journal ( This is the Wall Street Journal’s contribution to an online job search and information site. It is very well done, and chock-full of helpful advice.

Freshjobs ( postings are no older than one week old, and that is good to know. However, when I plugged in “Education” in “Indiana” the search came up with zero results. That did not give me much confidence in this site.

Job Search Shortcut ( Mark this one as a keeper and must-see. It gives you direct links to 720 thousand company job listing pages in 41 metro areas. It saves time going directly to the business’ web site, and you are assured that you have not ended up on some renegade site.

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