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It happens every year at this time. I go through each calendar month without mentioning anything relevant about it until we get to Halloween. Then, for some reason, I find myself scouring Halloween sites to tell you about. I like to find new ones, when possible, and often the websites I may have cited last year disappear into the land of the lost. My list is not very long this year, so I expanded to include November 1st’s Day of the Dead.

Virtual Carve a Pumpkin (http://carveapumpkin.bhg.com/). Say you want to get into the spirit of Halloween without making a lot of fuss, or mess. Here is your chance to “carve” a pumpkin and show it to the world. You will be given a half-dozen choices each for pumpkin color, eyes, nose, and mouth, and you can combine them in any number of ways. The only downside is that you will have no pumpkin seeds to roast when you’re done.

Extreme Pumpkins (www.extremepumpkins.com). Browse the photo gallery of some amazing, orig carvings here. I have come to dislike those stencil-cut jack-o-lanterns, but these extreme pumpkins are definitely worth taking time to see. There are how-to’s in case you want to tackle a carving project. Good luck.

Pumpkin Gutter (www.pumpkingutter.com). Scott Cummins creates interesting dimensional carvings, plus he provides peculiar and fascinating facts about the orange fruit.

Costume by the Stars (http://astrodispatch.com). Here’s a twist on how to decide what to wear on Halloween. Find out what planet rules your ascendant, and then dress according to that planet. For example, if it’s Mars, you could dress as a warrior. My planet is Neptune, so I might choose some fantasy figure, or just drape myself in yards and yards of a glittery fabric.

Unique Costume Ideas (http://crafts.suite101.com/). Look for a link to “101 Halloween Idieas” and you’ll be all set. You could dress up as a cloudy sky, and all it takes is some cotton balls and a few other items. There are dozens of links to very interesting Halloween websites, so this is a great jumping off point. I found myself on a page describing Halloween coffins, and yes, you can buy several varieties of them for your yard, or party. And if you want more links to pumpkin carving sites, you will find them here.

Day of the Dead (www.inside-mexico.com/featuredead). This site provides a nice description of the celebration that takes place across Mexico. There is a nice folk art gallery, too. You will want to learn more about those sugary confections made to honor relatives and friends who have passed away. Most importantly, you’ll learn that there is nothing macabre about this day of remembrance.

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~ by IndianaDunesPoet on October 27, 2009.

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