A Sea of Trivia

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Once again, I was swallowed up in a sea of trivia as I accessed the “buzz” across the ever-expanding Internet. The term “vast wasteland” came to mind. Then I realized that I needed to hunker down and take responsibility for the time wasters that end up in this column. The places I use as jumping off points to what used to be interesting nooks and crannies will be mentioned here next week. Then, I will be doing some digging to find new jumping off points that lead to some stuff with more depth. I am open to suggestions as to where to begin. Write me with your ideas.

Ima Let You Finish (http://imaletyoufinish.com/). The lesson here is to not find yourself in the position of Kanye West, whose rudeness at the music awards has spawned this global running joke. Sooner or later the site will cease to be popular, as new gaffes by different celebrities will capture the world’s attention. But, you did wonder where the phrase “[he’ll] never live it down” came from, right? That was before the Internet and the power of going viral. Some of the examples here are gifts of sharp wit, and others and downright disgusting in their own right. I am not sure what will be happening by the time you read this, but right now the game is to keep coming up with fresh comedic fodder for “Ima let you finish.”

Sexy People Blog (www.sexypeople-blog.com). My first reaction was that the site’s goal was to be mean and snarky. I try to avoid those kinds of sites. But then I realized that the subtitle of the site, “a celebration of the perfect portrait,” was more a commentary on the skills of certain commercial portrait photographers. There is an irony in the naming of this web blog, and as you explore it, you will be paying more attention to backdrops, poses, clothing and timing (usually bad) of the clicking of the lens. These people paid good money for their portraits. They did not get their money’s worth.

Gary Duschl, Gum Wrapper Champ (www.gumwrapper.com). Gary holds the Guinness World Record for the longest gum wrapper chain in existence. Gary is shown on the site semi-wrapped in his creation, which, by the way, consists only of Wrigley gum wrappers. His chain is over 58,000 feet long. To put that in perspective, the chain would cover the length of 194 football fields. Gary began his chain in 1965. He has put in some twenty two thousand hours of work on it, and is not finished. I say that because he welcomes contributions of wrappers (Wrigley only), which he will mark with the donor’s name and make it easy for the donor to locate on the length of the chain. Okay, so you are wondering how much money Gary has spent on gum since beginning this enterprise. Would the figure $90,000 blow you away? It is close to that.

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