Three years and three months from now, people around the globe will be waiting in expectation or dread about the meaning of the Mayan calendar’s completion, for lack of a better word. I first learned a decade ago about the 2012 prophecy from a friend who had been studying Mayan culture for years. I decided to see what the Internet had, information-wise, about 2012, and of course, there is plenty to choose from. My guess is that the number of websites devoted to the targeted 12/21/12 will double as we proceed closer to that date. There are sites worth visiting, and sites worth avoiding on this topic. For those of you who at this point may not have heard anything about the 2012 prophecy, consider these sites an introduction. Everyone on the planet connected to the Internet or to other news sources will have heard of it by the end of the year. The 2012 phenomenon has become a meme, or buzzword. As it grows,you can decide for yourself if the doomsday predictions resonate to your thinking or if you agree with many scientists, who debunk the prophecies.

2012 Predictions (www.2012predictions.net). This web address is somewhat of a misnomer, because there is much more to it than that. I would recommend starting your reading here, since it is a very big directory of links to prophecies and predictions related to that “big year,” and it covers everything from the serious to spoofs. I believe that it offers a really good balance. You may not have to go anywhere else to consume all the information you please. Start with “Meditating on the Mayan Calendar” in the right hand column. That will keep you busy for quite a while.

2012—the Movie (www.cyberscribbles.wordpress.com). Go to my blog –it’s one of several ways to see the trailer—or do a search at YouTube to watch this preview of the movie, which is to be released this November. And, I suppose it was inevitable that Hollywood would exploit this getting-ever-more-famous doomsday prophecy. Here’s how I see Hollywood and others figuring out what sort of entertainment the public wants to consume: do a search (in this case, for 2012, etc.) and see how many pages the engine returns. Also, how many hits have the more prominent sites garnered? The more references and the more hits, the better are the odds for success.

Robert Gleason 2012 (www.robertgleason2012.com/). Was it coincidence, or was some guiding power leading me to this website, which happens to be under the ownership of former Michigan City resident and IU grad Robert Gleason? Actually, friend Charlotte V. shared this link with me. Gleason co-authored Apocalypse 2012 with the late Gary Jennings. The MC native was interviewed recently for a documentary on 2012 that will air on the History Channel later this year. Check your cable programming for date and time..


~ by IndianaDunesPoet on September 22, 2009.

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