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Every once in awhile I like to log on to the websites of our Beacher advertisers. Not that I have to, because the Beacher’s graphics gurus Becky and Tom do a fine job of getting the advertisers’ messages across. It being lunchtime when I launched my weekly routine of scouring the ‘Net, I focused on our local food establishments. The adventure got me wondering if any of you readers take the time to log on to locally-based sites. If so, send your comments to me. The only caveat I have about checking our local restaurants is to do so when your stomach is not growling. Here is a sampling of some of our advertiser’s sites. If I missed any, be sure to tell me, and I’ll make up for it in a future column. Meanwhile, take advantage of these fine websites for a peek at menus and in many cases, driving directions.

Little Giant Pizza (www.freewebs.com/realpizza). This Long Beach staple had me ready to motor on over for one of their freshly-prepared pies. The pizza photo on the home page had my mouth watering. I liked reading the history of how Tom Holwell got started in the business, and how he ended up in Long Beach. I also liked learning that Little Giant has Italian sausage and beef sandwiches on its menu.

Stop 50 Wood Fired Pizza (www.stop50woodfiredpizzeria.com). Tucked away in Michiana Shores, Stop 50’s pizza, prepared Neapolitan style, has been garnering lots of attention in the press. Read about owner Chris Bardol’s efforts to please the most cynical pizza foodie, and read the reviews from discriminating critics.

Kelly’s Table (www.kellyscreekwood.com). As soon as you see the interior photos of this romantic little restaurant, you’re apt to segue into planning and reservation-making mode for a special tete á tete. Or something of that nature. As you move about the website and read about chef Patricia’s background, you’ll be convinced of your great idea. Plus, you will learn how Kelly’s Table got its name.

Soda Dog (www.sodadog.com). The name of the spot on the far east side of the city limits pretty much tells you what’s on the menu. But then, you would be missing some really interesting information about this new-ish dining option. Soda Dog was conceived and built with attention to our endangered environment. Therefore, the goal of its owners has been to leave no carbon imprint. Read more, and check out the complete menu when you log on.

Joe (www.joeymmy.com). How could you pass up a URL named Joe Yummy? If you knew nothing about this upscale New Buffalo coffee house, you will learn lots by the time you finish perusing their website. You are going to learn that Joe is located in the Marina Grand Resort and that they have a nifty rooftop dining area, and there’s more to see and do here, and so, keep your mouse busy and see for yourself.

Casual Chef Cafe (www.pumpernickelinn.com). By the time you finish reading the menu of coffees and teas available, you’ll be wondering why you’ve yet to make the trip over to the cafe within the Pumpernickel Inn.

Loop Organics (www.looporganics.org). Not a restaurant, but a nonprofit organic farm and market conceived by Sage Spirit Terra’s Marilee Snyder. Plans are in the works to construct a geodesic greenhouse, with the goal of getting back to more natural and healthier ways to grow food.

Sahara Restaurant (url omitted on purpose). I wanted to learn more about the food choices at Sahara without having to leave home. However, when I logged on to the URL provided in a recent Beacher, I received an error message. I tried tweaking my typing, and when I did, a very unusual warning message came up on the screen, stating that the site was an “attack site.” I have never heard of that or encountered anything like that before. Therefore, whoever is in charge of Sahara Restaurant’s website needs to check it, including the address, for possible errors.

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