Crazy Emails, Truffling, & Diagramming

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What a week this has been! Picks this week vary from “Old People Talking About the Internet” to “Emails from Crazy People.” These are real websites. I usually don’t receive emails from crazy people and I and my friends do not consider ourselves old. In between these sites, I discovered the North American Truffling Society and Diagramming Sentences. I know you want to know all about these picks, except maybe for the diagramming site.

Old People Talking About the Internet ( These illustrated ditties are meant to be funny, but most miss the mark, in my humble opinion. They are made up. Probably by a team of novice comedy writers who are struggling hard at their craft. But since people have different tastes in humor, you may find something funny here.

Emails from Crazy People ( Not all of the samples of the website are emails. Some are regular letters. Here is an example of one such note from a teacher to the student’s parent:

Dear Mrs. Xxxx,

You may already know this, but in case Alex has neglected to tell you, I am assigning him to detention for one hour this Friday…The reason is as follows:

Alex consistently defied me. During class he contradicted me numerous times when I insisted that the length of one kilometer was greater than that of one mile. Every other student in class accepted my lesson without argument, but your son refused to believe what I told him, offering such rebuttals as, “You’re lying to the class,” and commanding other students to challenge my curriculum.

Although he was correct, Alex’s actions show a blatant disregard for authority, and a complete lack of respect for his school. Alex would be better off simply accepting my teachings without resistance.

Please see to it that your son understands this.

Time to find a new career for that teacher. Anyway, there are some funny emails, some of questionable authenticity, some not meant for youngsters’ eyes, and some worth skipping completely. But real life is stranger than fiction, and this site provides a healthy dose.

North American Truffling Society ( One thing I heard about truffles is that they are difficult to find. So was this website, which I more or less stumbled upon. Those who are interested in truffling(finding fungi, not chocolate) generally live in and around Oregon, or in the proximity of the Cascade mountain range. The rest of us have a chance to learn from these experts and hobbyists just exactly where those truffles hide, and what the procedures are for uncovering the fungi without destroying their reproductive parts. Be it with a dog, pigs, or rakes, these hobbyists take their hunting seriously. These hobbyists could collect some serious money selling their harvest to local gourmet restaurants. Be prepared for travel west and a lot of patience if you want to become a trufflist. I’m just sayin’…

Diagramming Sentences ( Today’s schoolkids don’t know what they are missing, because they have no idea what diagramming is all about. (If I diagrammed that last sentence, my about would be dangling helplessly). Or, they could find out, if they left their MySpace or Twitter pages for a few minutes to head over to this website. Just think how much easier it would be to write those term papers if you had this taught to you in school. Those of us who remember the drills in English classes can look upon this site with nostalgia.

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