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Chicago Police Department
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The first of several excursions around the internet this week was launched from Chicago’s edition of the Huffington Post (www.huffpost/). And as usual, one link leads to another, so in what seems a flash, I find myself buried in deep cyberspace. Here are this week’s finds.

Second City Cop ( The site bills itself as “the best police blog of 2008,” and the Chicago Trib has bestowed honors upon it. Without commenting on its political postings, I can say that I am intrigued with news of the “Beat Cop’s Guide to Good Eats) this is due out in October. In addition to naming places with good food, and yes, good donuts, many of the cops who contributed to this guide share stories about their choice chow houses, and how they sometimes played a bigger role than eating place.

Hyde Park Progress ( Written as a “forum for members of the community who want to end the artificial isolation of Hyde Park from the larger economy of the city.” Now, that may sound boring to you, especially if you have not ties to Hyde Park. What I liked about this blog is the dedication of one person to focus on the goings on in his neighborhood. Every town should have at least one blogger doing that. We in LaPorte and Porter Counties came somewhat close to that about six years back, when (with headquarters on the East Coast) was tackling such a project. Yours truly was your local reporter of that short-lived venture. Anyway, before I digress too much, I want to say that I enjoyed reading about the neighborhood scams the HP Progress’ blogger mentioned. Especially the street poet, who made out like a bandit composing an on-the-spot poem for his victim for a mere $2.

Boutiqueville ( The last of a trio of links from Huffpost Chicago that I sneeked a look at brought me to this jumping off point for finding hard to find specialty boutiques. Find them here by category, and discover what new ones are opening, and which may be closing (and offering good sales).

Amish Department Store ( Wow. One paragraph away from boutique stores we find ourselves in the quieter, less showy world of Amish goods. If you have joined the movement back to simpler times, then you might have need of this site. How easy is it to find good quality coopered barrels, or canning supplies, or perhaps an apple cider press? All that and more can be found here. Now, longtime readers know that I am not an advocate of online shopping—especially when so many worthy brick-and-mortar establishments desperately need our business right now. However, there are times when it’s near impossible to find a particular item. You could try eBay, or just come here for your supply of Fels Naptha soap, quilt frames, or saurkraut stompers.

Everything is Terrible ( This was my favorite find this week. It is all videos, and most are, like the name of the website, terrible. You may be disgusted, or mortified, but I was splitting a gut over the Duckman video. Also funny is Yogi Ogi Dogi (recently gone viral). The only funny thing I found with the scarf tying video was not in the video itself, but in the tags for it. Those were written no doubt by a 12-year old. The video looks just fine to anyone eligible for AARP membership. But the young tag maker thinks the video clip and its models are for, um, “old people.” Judge for yourself.

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