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I’ve been away from my computer for the past several weeks, which meant no surfing and no research for writing this column. The CyberScribbles blog has been neglected for a little while too. But I’m back, and I have a loose category of music and music-related sites to tell you about in a moment. Another news flash is that I found a classic Imac for sale that I could not pass up, despite its age. I’m waiting for its former owner to deliver its missing power cord, and then I look forward to a virus-free digital environment. But now, let’s get right to the music.

Eternal Moon Walk ( You’ve probably had more than your fill of Michael Jackson news coverage. Nevertheless, I could not resist mentioning this entertaining video “ribbon” that features hundreds of people showing off their moonwalking moves. Anyone could (and still can) upload his or her video to the site to add to the long, long string of dancers. The king of pop would be very pleased to see this nicely spliced video. If you or someone you know has already submitted their video, you can find them via the built-in search engine on the page.

Make an Altoids Guitar ( Here’s a fun and easy summer project for the musically inclined. Materials for making this electric guitar are easily acquired: get an Altoids tin, a couple of wood paint stirrers, a Bic pen, some guitar string and some glue and follow the easy directions for making a miniature guitar. You can safisfy your craving for becoming the next Eric Clapton with your own personal, downsized—and cheap—rock and roll guitar. If you actually look at the website and follow the directions, I would like to know about it. Send me a photo of your project via the Beacher and maybe we will even write a feature about you!

Free Jazz Mp3s and More ( I quit my subscription to Emusic several months ago because I was disappointed at the lack of quality options to download. I have plenty of music in my digital library, but I still like to see what’s available free (and without penalty) around the Net. All About Jazz features a free daily download, as well as jazz session podcasts, lists of local jazz events, interviews and more for jazz buffs. Check out the archives for additional free mp3s. It is my understanding that you’ll run no risk of getting arrested for downloading the free offering. What’s more, you can keep the download instead of just listening to it on your computer.

Soul-Sides Downloads ( Fans of this music genre can download some tunes here. They had posted Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous” album here, which excited me, except that the link to download the album was a dead one. I figured that one was too good to be true. ( You can sample and download dozens of tunes in several choices of genres. This site makes it easy to listen and sample before purchasing, say, on Emusic or Itunes or other pay sites. By now, you’ve probably figured out that I am a new owner of an mp3 player, which I love. It’s not Itunes, but it works for me.

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~ by IndianaDunesPoet on July 26, 2009.

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