Hits, Speed Traps and Twitter, Oh My!

Image by Kramchang via Flickr

My experiment with signing up for Twitter is limping along. Occasionally I log on and post a few 140-character bits of flotsam. I am sure the experts would tell me that I am using Twitter wrong, despite having a handful of followers from who knows where or why. If I really knew how to use the social media sensation to my utmost advantage, I would be gathering hundreds or thousands of hits per day. Adsense users count on those hits to gain income, although I don’t know anyone making a living with it. And I do not do advertising on my blog, which is probably stupid of me. I have tried doing an affiliate thing with Artella Words & Art, but I keep losing my password to post deals for neat art projects. All this is a lead in for the first website I want to mention this week:

If you have tried to make money from the Internet, you’ve probably been lured to sites selling inside information about “optimizing keywords” and such. There are hundreds of such services, just waiting to sign you up or sell you a book. Well now, you might be very happy to know that CyberScribbles has uncovered what might be the best way to increase your website’s (or blog’s) hits, thus increasing its potential income value. I discovered Internet Famo.us during my weekly surf. Internet Famo.us (http://internetfamo.us/) is a real, bona fide, bricks & mortar course offered at Parson’s New School of Design in New York City. This class offering teaches the “art and science of getting hits” and students are instructed to build from scratch a website that will achieve a viral or cult-like status. The site they build does not have to be “quality.” Most of what’s popular on the internet—and we’re talking general audience, of course– today is not earthshaking. This Parson’s class appears to be way more interesting than learning keyword tips or search engine optimization. I’m not suggesting you drop everything and head to NYC to take this class. Just log on to the site and get a gyst of the coursework. It is sure to be copied by other intsitutions of higher learning very soon. Check out Internet Famo.us. You’ll see that current enrollees are having a blast learning the tricks to become an internet sensation.

While we are on the subject of getting hits and making money, aim your browser toward the Make Money Fast Hall of Humiliation (www.mmfhoh.org/). It will bring you down from your dream cloud real fast, especially if you are about to fall for one of the hundreds of scams waiting to snag the unsuspecting.

Some readers will be taking vacation road trips this summer, so it might be a good thing to know about Speedtrap.org. Use the java menu to plug in a town’s name and in a blink of an eye you’ll see a screen that alerts you to the speed traps planted by local or state police. These days, no one needs the burden of a hefty speeding ticket, so bookmark this site and use it, if possible, on your wifi-enabled smart phone. (www.speedtrap.org).

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~ by IndianaDunesPoet on June 24, 2009.

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