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I became attached to a few new websites this week. One of those sites lets a person create their own police sketches. Although it did not say, I would guess that this same Flash program is used by police departments with decent computers to input descriptions from crime scene witnesses. Since the program is available online free, any of us can use it to play with. Unfortunately, I did not take the time to print my sketchwork. If I go back and waste more time drawing sketches, you will know it. I promise to post one of my masterpieces on the CyberScribbles blog. If you, too, want to waste time drawing creepy sketches, go to http://flashface.ctapt.de.

Another stopping point for me was a lesser-known shopping site for stuff that no one really needs. There must have been more than thirty categories of stuff, and I clicked on more than twenty of those links. I was fascinated with the window-shopping experience. Maybe it was the Yodeling Pickle. Can you think of a time in your life when you would have need of this item? Admit it. If you have ever given a boring presentation to a large group whose communal body language said, “We are sleepy,” then you would find it the perfect opportunity to bring your audience to attention with the Yodeling Pickle. Now multiply that weird shopping item by 300 or more, and voila! You’ll have wasted a good chunk of time (like me) perusing the “I want, but I don’t need” bonanza of products. This web experience is aptly named Perpetual Kid. Find it at www.perpetualkid.com. Yes, bacon lovers. You will find many bacon-related items. Be sure to pick up a supply of bacon bandages while you visit.

Speaking of shopping sites, Think Geek (www.thinkgeek.com) will be happy to sell you a WiFi finder t-shirt, among other goodies. My personal favorite is the Personal Soundtrack t-shirt. It has a scaled-down speaker on its front and the remote control can be programmed with your own tunes and sound effects, or use can use the pre-programmed ones. I want one of these for my son, Brian. Brian is a music lover and worker extraordinaire at Rusty’s Morningstar Ranch for Adults with Autism. I was surprised at the prices of these shirts—more reasonable than I expected. There’s lots more Geek stuff here for you to look at. And perhaps buy.

Okay, here we go with another shopping site, although all it did for me is get my mind stirred up. Lucky Mojo (www.luckymojo.com) is the real deal for those looking to use questionable means to, um, heal from a variety of unhappy situations. I spent a little time in the site’s Amulet Archive, one of many rooms in this darkly magical mansion of mojo. When you log on, you might think you are at another Perpetual Kid-type site. But then you will discover that some folks take this stuff way seriously. But for the rest of us, we can shake our solid and stable Midwestern heads and marvel at the stock of merchandise for sale here.

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~ by IndianaDunesPoet on June 11, 2009.

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