Raining Cookbooks on 47th St

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You know that summer is just around the corner when we hit Memorial Day. As for those of us who have spent too much of our spare time trolling the Internet or playing video games, the outdoors now beckons. I will continue to scan and write about websites, but remember, the beach is calling. Be sure to add a big dose of natural vitamin D from at least twenty minutes outdoors each day. The computer can wait, unless you are searching for recipes for the holiday weekend’s cookout. If so, keep reading.

Is it Going to Rain? (http://goingtorain.com/). You missed the weather forecast and you have been waiting for a good time to feed your lawn without burning it. Instead of a high water bill, fire up the computer and head to this site. It will tell you, simply and directly, whether to go ahead or to plan a different project.

Hatch a Plot with Hatch’s Plot Bank (www.angelfire.com/nc/tcrpress/). So you want to write a novel or screenplay, but are stuck. This handy website is a writer’s dream, because it lists more than 2000 ideas for plots for your next great American novel. It is just one of many writer’s tools available on the ‘Net. Let this one help you get started.

Food and Recipe Histories (http://adambalic.typepad.com). This British contribution to worthy websites is unlike any I’ve come across. Adam, the creator of this site, fed his curiosity about jumps across cultures of specific recipes. The history researched here is extensive and anything but boring. I applaud the writer’s depth of reporting. Examples include two variations of haggis, plus origins of the Hot Pot and other interesting tidbits. The haggis preparation is broken down step by step, with accompanying photos. After reading about the ingredients and preparation, you might find that your appetite has taken a long, long sabbatical. But if you can get beyond the haggis, you will discover lots of more appetizing recipes that are traditional to Great Britain.

101 Cookbooks (www.101cookbooks.com). One Heidi Swanson delivers her opinions about dozens of cookbooks, and brings to us bunches and bunches of healthy recipes and menu ideas. Unfortunately, Heidi has not discovered Sue Spitler’s many cookbooks. Maybe someone needs to tell Heidi to include them.

Recipe Bridge (www.recipebridge.com).As you prepare for the cookout this holiday weekend, you can search for any recipe by name, ingredients, or meal and be given not one, but sometimes dozens of recipes for the same dish, all from various sources. I searched for “diet cabbage soup” and this nifty search engine found me 15 different recipes. And no, the cabbage soup is not for the holiday cookout.

Everything 47 (www.47.net/47society). Now I have seen just about everything. A website by and for fans of the “quintessential random number, 47.” I did not spend much time looking around. I clicked on, and quickly off, a discussion of Pomona College’s fascination with what some of us see as no more than reminders of middle age.

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