Galavanting Around Indiana

Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. Mt.
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After galavanting around all over the Internet, I returned to sites whose content is related to Indiana. I like using the word “galavanting” and don’t get many opportunities to use it. Meanwhile, as you read this, I am galavanting around northern Arizona playing tourist. I know the northern part of the state fairly well now.

Virtual Globetrotting ( Before I reined in the possibility of scouring the earth for Google street view shots of Timbuktu and beyond, I wanted to see if this website lived up to its name. It does. It is heavy on celebrity homes, which may or may not interest you. Here is your chance to peek into non-public spaces and do it without guilt.

Indiana Traveler ( Web guru Bill Holden established this site over ten years ago. It is similar to the state’s tourism site, but the Indiana Traveler is more compact. It does an especially nice job of listing bed and breakfasts around the state.

Indiana County History ( At first I thought I had struck gold, or at least a wealth of historical information. It’s a fact that you will find tons of information, ranging from over 7000 pictures of Indiana’s past to 76,000 biographies. The catch is that certain areas of the website are restricted to members only. You can access any information you want here for the low access fee of $10.

Civil War Indiana ( If you are a Civil War buff or if you are tracing your family’s roots, this site was made for you. First I need to warn to that when you access the home page, be prepared for a loud rifle shot welcome. Better yet, turn down your volume. Some items of particular interest include regiment lists: Indiana men who were on the Sultana (steamboat that blew up in the Mississippi), and those who endured imprisonment at Andersonville. There are lots of accessible pictures on the website, too.

Indiana From A-Z ( You can tell this site has been around for awhile, at least that was my guess when I saw that Geocities hosts the web pages. I don’t get around those free sites much these days, since (free) blogging has more or less trumped web pages. And twittering, of course. I can say ha!, I beat Oprah to that latest fad.

Crawfordsville Crinoids ( Lake Michigan has its crinoid seekers, but those really into fossil collecting know that there are other parts of the state with different subspecies of crinoids. If you have never seen images of the entire crinoid “skeleton,” here is your chance to see them.

Indiana Ghost Towns ( New Durham and Door Village are among those listed here. So are Asphaltum, Byron, Old English and Weddleville. Some still have remains visible. This is an interesting website.

Indiana State Poem ( It was here that I learned that Indiana has an official State Poem. It was written by Arthur Mapes of Kendallville and adopted as the official Hoosier poem in 1962. I immediately took to the verse, since it describes the pleasure of hiking outdoors. I felt like an official Hoosier after reading it.

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