Snarky Spots

I’m delighted to see the numbers of grammar police growing on the Internet. These bloggers describe themselves as snarky, and their comments certainly reflect “attitude.” Uh-oh. I put “attitude” in quotes, and not once, but twice. The “unnecessary quote” cop is going to find me online and make a snarky comment. You do know that this column is online, too, don’t you? It appears a few days or longer after the print column appears in these pages. Find it at

The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks ( While waiting to see if anyone discovers my own unnecessary quote marks, you can peruse this blog’s many pictures. They illustrate how way too many former students fell asleep in their English grammar classes. Only a grammar cop or current or former English teacher can truly love this website. For everyone else, it will appear very boring.

Grammar Vandal ( Blogger Kate McCulley is on a campaign to eliminate grammar errors. She carries with her a Sharpie marker and stick on commas and such everywhere she goes. She has probably discovered that she has a full-time job ahead of her. If only it paid well. Anyway, she has plenty of samples of silly and quite funny grammatical errors. Yes, for those of us who were drilled, drilled, drilled and drilled again by our determined English teachers, we can get the joke.

Bad Parking ( Breathe a sigh of relief, grammar slackers. This blogger focuses only on vehicles that choose to color outside the lines. Oops, I mean park outside the lines, or on the curb, or in some other questionable manner. What you get here are photo after photo of badly parked vehicles. No grammar to worry about in the blog. And if you are less than a perfect parker yourself, you can see how many others join you in that category.

Red Pen, Inc. ( We’re back to bad grammar, plus bad spelling and bad sentence structure too. Once upon a time there were copy editors (or English teachers) who would mark up our typewritten papers with what was known as printer’s marks. We journalism students had to learn these symbols, which in some cases were similar to the Cyrillic alphabet. Those good old days seem to be far behind us now. Browse the Internet for a few minutes and you will get what I mean. The Red Pen blogger was attacking one of the features of Yahoo when I last looked. It made me wonder who hired the writer/proofreader at Yahoo and how one might apply for that job when the current person is fired.

Passive Aggressive Notes ( Ha! I had some good laughs looking at the collection of notes posted here. I need to warn readers that the language is rough, so this spot would not be appropriate for young surfers. And, like Bad Parking, this site has nothing to do with grammar or English teachers. Counselors and Psychiatrists, definitely.

This is Why You’re Fat ( Since all the websites this week deal in snarkyness and not necessarily grammar, I threw this in for your enjoyment. If you are on a diet, the pictures will either make you quit it immediately, or they will reinforce your will to drop pounds. I suggest you view the likes of dishes such as the Elvis donut on a full stomach. The Elvis donut is a peanut butter-glazed donut topped with bananas and bacon. And that’s just the tip of the scale when it comes to over-the-top concoctions.


~ by IndianaDunesPoet on April 22, 2009.

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