Chicks or Ducks?

Chicks or Bunnies?

I forgot to mention anything about Easter in last week’s column, so I am making up for that this week. Did you color and hide eggs for a hunt? Did you give or receive a candy-filled Easter basket? Did you bite the head off a chocolate bunny? How about those marshmallow Peeps®? Peeps are as popular as bacon on the Internet, and there are many websites devoted to the sugary little critters. Can you believe that people invest so much time doing things besides eating those marshmallow treats? Even National Geographic and the American Bar Association has jumped on the Peeps bandwagon. I need to thank the blogger from for all the Peeps links he has listed there.

Peeps in Places ( National Geographic sponsored a photo contest named the “Peeps in Places Photo Challenge.” The entry deadline was a few days ago, so the winners should be online now at this exclusive Flickr group site. When I viewed the entries over a week ago, only one family, named “Malarky,” had entries posted. They were quite clever, I might add. Had I known about the contest sooner, I would have given you readers the heads up, because we have so many creative and imaginative souls living in Beacher country. The contest is not unlike the traveling gnome, or Paddington Bear, for that matter. Groups of Peeps—bunnies and chicks– have had their photo taken in front of the White House and elsewhere. Checking out the Peeps is just another fun diversion.

Peeps on Parade ( The Peeps may be gone now from the pages of the Chicago Tribune, but you can check, just in case. We’ve had lots of fun viewing the various animals on parade over the years right here in the Beacher. But Peeps were out of our league, size-wise.

Peeps in Law ( My goodness. If a bunch of lawyers focus their energy on building a Peeps diorama every year, then we need to pay attention to all the latest trends. The marshmallow chicks and rabbits are everywhere, including the courtroom.

Peeps’ Official Home ( So you want to tour the candy factory where these candy critters come to life? You can take a virtual tour of the Just Born candy factory and learn fun facts, too. But you can’t sample any unless you raid someone’s Easter basket, assuming they left their Peeps untouched. You also can visit the factory from a link at (a slight variation from .com).

Lotsa Peeps ( I guess this is where you go to order Peeps when you cannot find them in your favorite bricks-and-mortar store. I discovered that Peeps come in a large palette of colors and span Easter, Halloween, and Christmas holidays. Find ’em all here.

Cooking With Peeps ( Several sites mentioned this week include links to recipes, including Peeps smores, which some people call “smeeps.” I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a tummy ache from talking about those popular candies. Time to move on.


~ by IndianaDunesPoet on April 18, 2009.

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