Travel, Work, Play Overseas

Many of us, except for Mac users that is, have been busy attempting to protect our computers from the latest scourge, the configer worm. Knowing that this evil virus was about to unleash its viciousness, I scurried to get this week’s column written and saved to my portable usb drive. As I understand it, the configer virus is on its third morpholosis and is taking its time infecting fresh, new computers. Meanwhile, all you faithful CyberScribbles readers have been spared a couple of inches of blank space here in the Beacher, thanks to my quick thinking. But I want to let you know in advance that I cannot assure you that my computer will work at all next week. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that our security software will prevent the morphed worm from harming our machines. Meanwhile, here are this week’s reviews:

Matador Network ( This site is all about travel and appears to be geared to the college-age crowd. The articles are intelligent and informative. I read several articles, including one about cliché tattoos. That one does not have much to do with travel, unless the point is that similar tattoos appeal to a certain crowed no matter which city you happen to be in around the globe. But what really caught my attention was some information about teaching oversees, which led me to the next website:

Help X ( That “x” made me a little nervous, but never mind, it does not lead to those kind of kinky places on the ‘net that you want to kids to stay away from. The website’s formal name is “Help Exchange.” And, it is about bringing people together to connect with job opportunities overseas. The classifieds (free to read) lists any number of potential work situations. Okay, so most are for teaching English as a second language. Keep digging, and you will find more. Such as potential travel companions that I’m guessing are NOT recent releasees from prison, and I am pretty sure about that. If you are a business in need of help, you can look for helpers through a work exchange program. If you are the free spirited type, you can find work exchange situations here in the U.S. And if you yearn to write a book, some of these situations sound like they are ripe for a novel that could be made into a major motion picture. Well, maybe I’m letting my imagination run a little out of control. But I know someone out there reading this will thank me for the heads-up about Help Exchange.

TGISFW ( The letters stand for “thank Gilligan it’s safe for work,” so now all bosses can expect their employees to be a little less productive since the’ve logged on to this time waster. But as long as you are here, at least check out artist Jorge Colombo’s great art created on his i-phone. He uses his fingers and the phone’s brush application to create some really spectacular paintings. He needs to print them and frame them and get them exhibited in a gallery somewhere. I am glad to see at least one cell phone user taking advantage of the technology in a refreshing way.


~ by IndianaDunesPoet on April 10, 2009.

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