Academic Earth to Zooborns (A-Z)

I did not want to do a lot of reading this past week, so most of the websites I visited were of the visual kind. It is no problem finding websites with lots of pictures and very little commentary, and they appear to be the most popular, whether x-rated or for general audiences. Call it the dumbing down of Internet users. Despite the visual appeal of the sites I mention this week, some might even raise your I.Q a point or two.

Academic Earth (www.academic The website is in its trial run (beta), making a catalog of video lectures from the world’s top scholars. These videos are free for the watching. The goal of this website is “to give everyone on earth access to a world class education.” The cynical side of me says that there will be few takers among the majority of surfers. But I applaud the objectives of Academic Earth and it sure is nice to know that no child or adult need be left behind thanks to this site’s efforts. The lecturers on the videos discuss anything from physics to English literature and they teach at such hallowed institutions as Princeton, Stanford, Berkeley, Harvard, Yale and MIT. Now there is no excuse for not learning something new.

Zooborns ( I am almost embarrassed to be typing this web address after the regal website I just mentioned above. Zooborns brings viewers the “newest and cutest exotic animal babies from zoos and aquariums around the world.” No deep thinking is involved, just looking and maybe saying, ‘aw shucks, isn’t he cute?’ My faves are the baby giraffe and baby camel. There is a newborn hippo also, which zoo staff named Paula. Hmmm. But it is cute.

Photojojo ( You can get more out of your digital camera when you sign up for the Photojojo newsletter or log onto this site. It offers plenty of free tips for using the scads of photos you take. Make your own presents and save money, too. Worth a look.

Style Substance Soul ( This spot in internet land is reserved for women. I found myself clicking links and liking most of what I saw. Especially nice is the link to click-a-day charity sites, all on one page to make it easy to contribute. Also nice was a link to, where you can opt out of receiving those unsolicited telephone books. Look around, ladies. This just might be the kind of place you have been searching for.

Still Tasty ( Imagine a website devoted to telling you how long your favorite foods will stay fresh and safe after you’ve bought them. This is a handy reference with additional tips on how to prolong certain food’s shelf life.

Secret Fun Spot ( Here’s an invitation to travel back in time and indulge in nostalgia. From cereal prizes to “Krazy ad characters,” the images will make you remember the good old days. I found the link bringing me to the Secret Fun Spot from another goofball site, Be prepared to waste too much time around either of these places. Then you will become one of those slackers I referred to in my blurb about Academic Earth (above). Unless you consider browsing through the secret fun spot as part of a world class education.


~ by IndianaDunesPoet on March 31, 2009.

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