Smash Plates, Spring Clean, and Tweet About It

I had a recent Twitter experience. The currently fashionable added me to its legions of followers. Not on its own, but here I admit that I opened an account there after reading a favorable review in the New York Times online. I wanted to be “with it.” My first post was something like, “testing this out for now,” or something close to that. I made one additional post and then shifted my attention to other places on the Web. And I’ve not been back. Seems I lost my login and password information. Plus, I have nothing else to say to add to those Twitter posts. I don’t see how others get things done in the real world if all they are doing is twittering or tweeting or whatever they call it. I have accepted being “out of the Twitter loop.” I’d rather spend my time roaming freely around the internet and telling you about some of my latest finds. Here is this week’s list:

Sarah’s Smash Shack ( If you need a dose of anger management after thinking about AIG’s bailout or something just as irritating, head to the smash shack and break something. This is a bricks-and-mortar place located around San Diego. I would not be surprised if the concept became a franchise operation. For a fee, you can purchase wine glasses, plates, vases, glass ashtrays and much more to hurl at a specially-constructed wall. You’ll be wearing a safetly helmet and if you remembered to bring your Ipod, you can turn up the volume while you watch glass shatter within the smash room. It might be more fun to participate with like-minded friends. You could ring up quite a bill purchasing the available breakable items, or you are allowed to bring your own breakables from home (a list of exclusions is on site). I would love to try this out and will wait for someone to pay my way to San Diego to test the Smash Shack concept and report back to readers. By the way, Sarah and her partner give group discounts for police, firemen, persons in the military, and for senior citizens.

How to Clean Stuff ( On the heels of Sarah’s smashing operation, we have a website that helps readers learn to clean old photos, leather purses, and get rid of fruit flies. I was disappointed with this website because it did not have very many tips. I was hoping to bring you a list of a whole bunch of cleaning sites since we are officially welcoming spring, but it was too nice outside and I got distracted. I figured you would get distracted, too.

Satinbox ( If you are a regular reader of this column, you know that I just finished a two-week series on coupons and frugal living. Satin Box is the other side of the coin. Its tagline is “Live in Style, Give in Style.” In other words, spend plenty on stuff that you or someone else could most likely live without. Starting with toilet paper in shades of turquoise, orange, red, or black. Or, how about a set of three gingerbread men cookie cutters, “Already been Chewed.” The set includes one headless, one armless, and one legless gingerbread man for $9. Here’s an idea: call me up when you’ve finished baking your ordinary gingerbread men and I will come over and chew up the heads, arms and legs for a bargain rate or for gas money, whichever is more. Now that’s a deal!


~ by IndianaDunesPoet on March 25, 2009.

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