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Just when you think I’ve spoiled you by presenting four weeks’ worth of websites in actual categories, I’ve reverted to my old trick of previewing sites that have no discernable connection between them, except for me visiting them. I hope you find something interesting and enjoyable to scroll through as you consider this week’s lisitings.

Lovely Listing ( We’re talking real estate when we read, “It’s Lovely, I’ll Take It.” Except that the real estate listed for sale has a major handicap (or two). The photos that accompany the property for sale will make a prospective buyer run away. Some of the pictures posted here are hilarious. How about a dwelling with ready-made gang graffitti gracing the kitchen cabinets? Or a gigantic mural of a bikini-clad sunbather on a bedroom wall? The sample pictures from French real estate postings shown here all have people posing for the picture. You can access random weird photo listings or pick a state or country to browse through its “lovely listings.” This is a fun way to waste time, and for folks working in real estate, a lesson in how not to advertise a listing. Don’t worry, though. The real estate people who provide the Beacher with listing photos know how to do things the right way.

The Quilt Index ( area is home to many serious quilters, and they may or may not know about this website. For anyone who admires, aspires, or already engages in the art of quiltmaking, you owe it to yourself to check out the collections here. The website, developed by the Alliance for American Quilters, lets you search its index in several ways: by quilt style, by region, by quiltmakers, and more. The quilts on display here come from several museums. The time periods for the quilts and their makers go back centuries and also feature contemporary works. The Quilt Index is a work in progress, and it will have demos, templates, and online instructions at some point.

Write Rhymes ( Forget the rhyming dictionary. Just access this site and type in a line of words. Double click on the word you want to rhyme and the site will generate a list of one-, two-, and sometimes even three-syllable words for you. Pretty nifty, and certainly a terrific resource for poets and rappers (notice that I put them in separate categories). The word, “word” gave me bunches of choices. And try as I might, I could not get any answers for “orange.” What’s also nice is that you have save, copy and print options for your finished poem.

Criminal Searches ( Still in beta, this site gives you the potential to do your own criminal background checks free of charge. From the feedback of users, the results are hit or miss, so I would not rely on anything you find here 100%. Better to do some additional research if you want to know more about a potential babysitter or caregiver, a locksmith or hedge fund manager.

Small Bits & Pieces ( Just another place to waste a little time or gather fodder for some water cooler conversation. This is a photo-rich blog of “strange and unusual” news.


~ by IndianaDunesPoet on March 18, 2009.

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