Thrifty Tips from Bloggers

It’s nice to know that the Internet provides us with helpful people willing to share their methods of saving money by using coupons, watching for rebates, scouring the ‘Net for freebies, and letting us in on their secrets. It is far from gauche to use coupons these days. In fact, I’ve listened to people brag about their thrifty new habits. Dozens of bloggers have chosen to write about how to save a buck. Many of these people are what I consider real pros—they know when and where the deals are and know how to play the coupon game. You could spend a whole day checking out various blogs, but I’ve done that for you. You will be amazed at what these savers have learned, and are willing to share.

If you are serious about saving money at the grocery, at other brick-and-mortar stores as well as online, you need to set up a new email account dedicated to coupon offers and freebies and such. You can get a free account at yahoo or hotmail. That way, your regular email account will not be bombarded with spam. The second tip is to get a VOIP phone number, free online. One such place is Several bloggers discuss how to avoid email spammers and unwanted phone calls by setting up these kinds of accounts. Look for links from some of the sites I mention this week.
Tips from a Mom of 3 ( I am starting with this blogger because she provides a glossary of abbreviations necessary to understand the coupon culture’s lingo. It took me awhile to discover Tips from a Mom before I could figure out what BOGO means (buy one get one free). And many other confusing terms. So start here, browse around, then follow the links to other blogs. Another nice feature of this blog is the list of birthday freebies.

Smart Source ( Anyone who subsribes to a Sunday newspaper is probably familiar with this name. It is an insert with lots of coupons and other offers. Those of you who do not subscribe or purchase a Sunday paper, but want to collect coupons can get them online at this site. The coupon bloggers’ shorthand for Smart Source is ss. It’s a no-brainer once you learn the lingo.
Bargain Briana ( What I like is that Briana lists the week’s upcoming sales (at stores such as K Mart, Walgreens, CVS, etc) and tells you which current coupons to use to score big savings. In other words, she does a lot of the work for you. She tells you which coupons come from newspaper inserts and others available online, usually with a direct link to that coupon. I found this blog extremely helpful.
Cashbaq ( If you are an altruistic giver who uses an online service that gives a certain percentage of its sales to a charity of your choice( eg.:, then pat yourself on the back and read no further. If you are a shopper who is interested in getting some money back, rebate style, this is the place for you! Sign up and receive anywhere from 2% on up for stuff you buy.

Oh, my. I see that I am running over again this week. I’ll save the remainder of my finds for next week’s column. Meanwhile, start clipping those coupons!


~ by IndianaDunesPoet on March 2, 2009.

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