Sponge up the nOodles

My selection of websites to tell you about are all over the map this week. Most of you who read this column regularly already know that’s not unusual. Let’s get right to this week’s samplings.

Design Sponge (www.designspongeonline.com/). If you like home decorating magazines but are abstaining from subscriptions during these leaner times, I think you would enjoy the content you’ll find here. A recipient of Apartment Therapy online’s 2008 Homie Award, Design Sponge delivers Before and After features, mini-trends, recipes, videos, city guides and much more. The website is clean, understated and classy. No trees were chopped down to create this magazine-like site, and you won’t find ads popping up in your face or floating over something you’re reading. I liked this site. A lot.

Decor8 Blog (http://decor8blog.com/). “Fresh finds for hip spaces.” This is another low-key design website you might enjoy.

I’m Mad and I Eat (http://madeater.blogspot.com). How’s that for a blog title? This is not your average recipe site. A California tomato farmer shares her recipes, and her thoughts in this better-than-average blog. If you like to venture off the beaten path for recipes that somehow don’t show up on those other mega-sites, check out this one. Then if you like what you see, follow her links to similar sites from vegetable farmers.

Manbabies (http://manbabies.com). Some of you will find this funny, maybe even hilarious. These photoshopped pictures of dads and babies with their heads switched just did not do much for me. But then, I prefer logging on to I Can Has Cheeseburger to view the latest cats and captions. If you read the online version of this column (at https://cyberscribbles.wordpress.com), you can usually find several crazy cat pictures interspersed there. I just cannot get up the urge to post any Manbabies, however.

Virtual Audience (http://audiencesounds.com).Let’s hear it for…clapping. Or sneezing. Or at least half a dozen other sounds that crowds, individuals and babies make. I suppose you could mix these in with your mp3’s if you needed a change of pace. If you are recording your own comedy shtick, you’ll definitely want to add some of the sounds you will find here.

Coupon Cravings (www.couponcravings.com). Soon, I will write an entire column about coupons on the ‘Net. But for now, check out this one. It’s safe, meaning that you will not be at risk for spam attacks when you click to print. Check for weekly freebies given away by well-known stores. This site is a keeper, and will be appreciated by just about everyone who is practicing frugality now.

Oodle (www.oodle.com). In addition to a future column about coupons, I will write one about my own list of top ten useful sites. Oodle will be among them, right up there with Craigslist. Oodle is a lesser-known fraternal twin of that one. For now, Oodle has a smaller geographical area for people to search and post for jobs, merchandise, real estate, etc. The advantage is that it’s easier to navigate. Give it time, and it will grow. But don’t go using it without a measure of distrust, because there will always be jerks out there attempting to rip you off.


~ by IndianaDunesPoet on February 4, 2009.

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