Ya Mean I Gotta READ This??

In a past column, I made the observation that the more visual, or video-enhanced ‘a website is, the more it tends to be accessed. How many people with computers and internet access log on to sites that require a great deal of reading?
I wrote and made that observation in August, 2007. Of half a dozen popular bloggers’ sites I accessed this past week, all used the format of posting a photo, making a brief comment, leaving a url, and soliciting comments from blog readers. If your blog is not visual, your likely to have fewer visitors. Looks like we are starting to take our information from the Web in visual chunks, leaving reading as an option we can take or mostly leave. Or, write shorter blurbs. A “weekly” column on the Internet just does not cut it these days. My, things change quickly.
Which makes me think that CyberScribbles on the Web is way too wordy for most Internet surfers. Last year I attempted to remedy that by adding from time to time visuals you won’t find here in the print column. I lapsed by the end of last year, but I’ll try to remember about those visuals. The visual-heavy sites remind me of children’s picture books. Are we adults heading back in that direction? It certainly looks like it.

2008 in 40 Seconds (http://yimeo.com/2639782). What we mean here by 2008 is not a review of world news, but a look at seasonal changes in one static spot. The pleasant, woodsy landscape was photographed by Eirick Solheim of Oslo, Norway. Eirick stitched together his photos to make a brief video. You’ll think he photographed the scenes right here in our area.

Where the Locals Eat (www.wherethelocalseat.com). Take 50 cities and include 5000 restaurants to choose something that ought to be a sure thing when you’ve journeyed outside of familiar territory. I checked what has been written for Chicago and was impressed that the dining experiences run the gamut from hot dog stand to haute cuisine. Do other travellers a favor and add your picks as a local in-the-know. This website can be accessed by mobile as well as Web, so you can explore a new gastronomic experience on the fly. This may not be the only website featuring this service, so it might be helpful to search for other sites while you’re at it.

The History Bluff (www.thehistorybluff.com).Subtitled “Making a Mess of History.” You have to do some reading here, so be warned. Much more reading than the general blog these days. But if you appreciate creative minds who invent new interpretations of historic events and personalities, you will find this a fun stop on the Web.

Kelli’s House (http://kellishouse.blogspot.com/2008/01). This is a craft blog with recipes and homespun insights thrown in, and it is targeted to women. Not that men are not invited, but they are less likely to be interested. Last January Kelli demonstrated how to take pretty calendars from past years and transform them into notecards and other things. Why throw out those pretty calendars from 2008? If you still have yours hanging around, check out Kelli’s suggestions. Then check her yummy recipes, like the gingerbread muffins. Don’t those sound like a good idea with tea about now?


~ by IndianaDunesPoet on January 13, 2009.

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