Ski Reports, Postal Museum, Minimizer, Movies, Fraudulent Trees

You are wondering where all the Christmas sites are that I usually write about this time of year, aren’t you? Since I’ve mentioned them in past years, and because your favorite search engines can find them for you easily enough, I’ve chosen to focus on other subjects. With a stretch of the imagination, you can see a connection around this time of year with postage stamps, ski reports, and movies. And that is as close as I come to covering the holidays this week. If you are disappointed, then wait until next week. I may still have a surprise or two.

National Postal Museum ( Neither rain nor sleet nor snow stops our mail carriers from carrying on their duties, and this is an especially good time of year to remember that. This website, one of many included in the vast Smithsonian online presence, if full of information and pretty pictures and history and more. Among the online exhibits is John Lennon’s Lost Album. Seems that he was a beginning collector as a lad, and he did a fairly neat job of mounting his collection of stamps into an album. Other curious and interesting exhibits include “Art of the Stamp,” Duck Stamps, “Postal Inspectors—the Silent Service,” “War Letters Lost and Found,” the latter includes Civil War to Vietnam War samples. The bricks-and-mortar postal museum is in Washington, D.C., but one rarely hears much about it from travel writers. With email and text messaging taking over the universe, a postal museum is sounding more quaint every day.

Minimus ( This commercial site sells only minimum size goods, which can be good news for airline travelers, I suppose. It’s unusual to stumble across such a specialized website, and that is why I am mentioning it here. Some of the items for sale surprised me: 1.5 ounces of apple butter in a glass jar; 2 ounces of smoked salmon; assorted stuff such as ear plugs, ear drops, pocket tissues, towelettes, 2 ounce packages of WD-40, and .17 ounce packets of laundry detergent sink packets, among other sundries.

Ski & Snow Reports ( Skiers can check out their favorite winter sport at a large number of resorts, all at one website. Look up snow conditions by state or country. Many of the resorts have web cams, so you can eyeball the snow’s condition in many cases. Or wistfully wish you were there.

Family Movie Ratings ( Maybe not the best place on the Web, but one devoted to featuring the best of G- PG- and some R-rated movies deemed okay for youngsters to watch. The site needs to be updated to more current reviews. The movies mentioned when I last checked were from February, 2008.

Bad Movies Database ( If you get your kicks watching those poorly-made, yet hysterically funny films, you will enjoy the reviews and forum here.

Fraud Frond ( Last, and probably least-mentionable this week is a website dedicated to exposing fraudulent trees designed to hid cell towers. I’ve not seen any around our area, only the bare, in-your-face towers. According to this website, the are approximately 32,000 towers camouflaged by fake trees. The site suggests a new road trip game: spot the fake trees trying to cover up the towers. (Via Cool Tricks & Trinkets newsletter).


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