No Gifts, Blahfish, Ecoist, Yearbook Yourself (Next Spring)

Although I tend to stay away from flashy websites, I decided to check out the three major networks’ websites—the local Chicago versions. I liked one of the three. That is because the website provides plenty of information without bombarding its guests with pop-ups, flash presentations, background music, and all that other distracting stuff. So, kudos to channel 2. And on that note, remember that the websites I review here are, for the most part, free of all the extraneous junk that flashes before your eyes and distracts you from finding what you are looking for. One could say that the websites I discover and then share with you may look bland and boring at first glance, but you’ll learn to appreciate those leaner looks after your hard drive and your brain bogs down from unnecessary overload.

Yearbook Yourself ( While everyone else is elfing themselves during the holidays, you can be over at this website taking advantage of the chance to transform (back?) into a Hippie. Or Beatnik. Or whatever they call the 80’s grads. What you do with the new image you get of yourself is up to you. Many who have MySpace or Facebook accounts will post theirs on their personal pages. But you, dear reader, can come up with something more creative than that, can’t you? Oops! On a recheck of the site, I discovered that it has been suspended until springtime. Guess you’ll have to go elf yourself instead ( You have choices of dances now, so that’s new.

Blahblahfish ( Have some fun getting lost in translation. This spot parodies Babelfish, that somewhat useful site that translates your writing into another language. Blahblahfish translates it forwards and backwards and leaves you with some crazy phrases, perfect material for the standup comic. Just not all the time. Read through the Top submissions and enjoy a few laughs.

No Christmas Gifts This Year (http://nochristmasgiftsthisyear). You are ready to reign in your Christmas spending. This website lets a former recipient of a gift exchange know that you do not plan to carry on the tradition this year. Allow a fill-in-the-blanks form letter announce your intentions, and even add a few graphics. I shared this site with long-time gift exchanger Sally Montgomery, and we are both pleased and relieved to have one less person to fuss over finding “just the right” present for. After you have filled out the online form and emailed it, you can watch a little video that promotes saving $1000 in 30 days, and sign up for a free mini-workshop—no strings, though.

Web Ecoist ( They’re sprouting up everywhere. Green websites, that is. You’ll be impressed with the attractive home page, filled with images and information that invites exploring further. This is a nice example of how attractive a web page can be WITHOUT the flash and dash junk. In addition to a host of beautiful high-def nature photos, you can read articles such as, “70 Delicious Green Meals,” “42 of the World’s Strangest Animals,” and “100 Green Blogs & Web Resources.” I followed the link to and was impressed with this people-powered ecological-oriented blog.


~ by IndianaDunesPoet on December 11, 2008.

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