Being Thrifty-We’re all doing it

The newest word flooding our conscious vocabularly appears to be “thrifty.” What used to be in vogue, such as visiting thrift shops, is now a necessity for too many people. On that note, I did a Google search under a variety of keywords to see what is out in cyberspace that helps us become thrifty. The following is a sampling of what I found.

Thrifty Lifetips ( What I liked almost immediately about this site is its listing of 630 tips to help us save money and/or spend our money more wisely. This website is written by Beth Van Hoose, a freelancer, and she does a nice job with it. I learned two things very quickly after a quick scan of her site: first, one can seal plastic bags without buying one of those sealing machines simply by folding aluminum foil over the top of the plastic bag, then ironing the foil. Pretty darn clever, I’d say. A second tip I gleaned from the site was determining how fresh your grocery store bread is by knowing the color codes for the twist ties—each color stands for a certain day when the bread was delivered to the store. Look for yourself to find the code, and plenty more information you’ll find useful.

Thrifty Living Tips ( Among the good deals here is a link to the Five Buck Club, where you can get $5 movie ticket discounts at participating Kerasotes theaters. The movie has to be one that has played for at least a week at the particular location, so the savings won’t apply to a movie’s first showing. It’s a discount worth checking out, however. You can reach it directly by going to

Frugal Living Tips ( Hmmm. All these sites are starting to sound the same, don’t ya think? This one did not impress me that much, because the information has been around and is common knowledge by now. And yet, if you have not ever looked at recipes for making your own household cleaners, you can look for them here.

Tightwad Central ( I like the motto here: “Dedicated to consumer economics empowerment.” And empowered I was when I learned about making a corn oil cola lamp that will burn a good four hours, and how to get old masking tape to be sticky again by zapping it quickly in the microwave, or how to clean garden tools using a bucket of sand and used motor oil. All good advice, and all new to me.

The Tightwad Times ( I was sorely disappointed with this site. Its name sounded so promising, too. One useful part that redeems it is the up-to-date posting of coupon codes, something that is extremely helpful to have at your fingertips when shopping online. They post a link here, but you can go directly to Being Frugal (, bookmark it, and pull it up when you are checking out and need those codes.

Living On A Dime ( Here is another good website, and I define “good” here by noting that the content is original, written by Tawra Kellam and by readers who submit good comments and tips. I liked the fruitcake recipe, which looks super easy, plus delicious.


~ by IndianaDunesPoet on December 3, 2008.

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  1. thanks for sharing all these links……very useful for everyone.

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