An Artsy Tribute

Today’s column is a salute to our area’s many fine, accomplished artists. They are usually the last persons to toot their own horns—at least in my experience writing press releases for many local painters and craftpersons. Remember them when you plan your holiday shopping list. And for you artists, it’s time to acquaint yourselves with some of these websites, if you have not yet done so.

Artcyclopedia ( This site is the first place I would recommend to anyone looking for information about an artist, a particular work, art museums, and even computer owners looking to freshen their monitors with new wallpaper. The “Masterscans” section posts 300 fine art images, most downloadable to use as wallpaper. And they are updated daily, so the choices are immense! Based on Internet queries, the list of Top 30 artists reveals which are most popular at the moment—uh, month. As of August, Pablo Picasso has filled the number one position.

Figure Drawing Lab ( Imagine being snowbound this winter with nothing but your computer for company. You can spend your time chatting away in a chat room, which is what the majority of users would be doing (when not texting on their cell phones). If you are so-inclined, you could take advantage of this free drawing course from the University of Evansville. The Web navigation is a bit outdated, but if you follow the “cones” and instructions on each page, you can learn the basics without leaving home.

Artist Help Network ( This site is provided by the Southern Arts Federation and serves as an indispensable resource to help artists take control of their careers. I really like the clean, uncluttered design of this site’s pages. Find advice about money issues, exhibits, presentation, legal issues, insurance, arts opportunities and much more. Working artists might want to consider bookmarking this website, because the chances are good that they would be accessing it frequently.

Ask Art ( Dubbed “The Artists’ Bluebook,” this would be the place to look up information on specific American contemporary artists, buying information, artists’ biographies, and paintings sought, for example. While I browsed through some of the paintings for sale, I found many of them reasonably priced. These were scattered among some outrageously high-priced items, or what appeared to me to be. This site is mostly focused on buying and selling, and it is confined to American works only, so don’t go looking for Van Gogh.

Painters Keys ( Imagine one guy—Robert Genn—providing an abundance of information for fellow artists in a website, while balancing work on his own art. Artists of all genres have found their way to Painters Keys and have made it a must-see website. And why not? It offers free art listings for artists, free short videos on technique, a huge compendium of art quotations, and a listing of art studio rental properties across the globe. This little corner of the Web is open not only to painters, sculptors and photographers, but to writers as well. Except for the art quotations resource, I did not see much for writers during my short visit here.


~ by IndianaDunesPoet on November 19, 2008.

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