Luxury & AOL Channels

I’m beginning to see why people find their favorite spots on the Internet and narrow their surfing to just a handful of familiar bookmarks. Wading through the sludge of millions of web pages can become overwhelming for me. Could it be my bad luck to keep discovering so many boring, bad-grammared, bothersome web pages as my mouse gets its weekly workout? Whoever pinned the “vast wasteland” moniker on television when it first appeared should have saved it for the Internet. For every decent find worth mentioning in this column, it takes trudging through about ten mediocre websites. If you are wondering how I do my research, I use different systems: doing a Google search on a certain word or subject; reading popular blogs and following their links; or using a variety of “web pick” sites. If any reader has better suggestions for me to use, please get in touch. Meanwhile, here are my finds for the week:

The Luxist ( The first thing you need to do is click on the “photo galleries” link, then scroll down to the box featuring Long Beach, Indiana. From there you can take a delightful virtual tour through the gorgeous pink, Mediterranean style home along the lakefront that was (is?) listed for sale and featured at this website this past August 24. Is that the former Scholl place? After you’ve finished your personal tour, look around the website for other opportunities to sample the luxurious life.

Environmental Graffiti ( Launched last year, this website has a penchant for grabbing viewers by offering interesting Top 10-type lists of curiosities. I enjoyed viewing some of the 20 “Most Incredible Desert Oases,” along with some of the “30 Creepiest Vegetables on Earth.” The offbeat samplings, among several choices of links, are worth a visit to the website.

DYI Life ( One of a series of websites designed for AOL users, I believe. I am not sure how I landed at this place, but I could see how it might meet my needs for information about home improvement tasks, hobby projects, organizing stuff, and much more. What I did not like was the abundance of advertising, some of it flashing and extremely annoying. Enough to keep a purist from ever visiting this spot on the Web.

Gadling ( A part of the aforementioned group of sites, Gadling is all about travel. I browsed the photo galleries—images sent in by users of this website—and found a mix of very nice-to-mediocre camera shots of places around the globe. I know that Gadling has been talked about on various blogs, but I doubt I would return to it. Not enough stuff to keep me interested or to help me when I plan a trip. Not as many ads here, thank goodness.

Slashfood ( A third offering in the AOL group of sites, this is just another recipe website—with a bunch of ads. Since they take some of their recipes directly from, why not just go directly to that website to find what you need?

That’s Fit ( Notice that I mention this one last? That’s because it’s the last of the four AOL or Weblog offerings all bunched together for my surfing needs. Gosh, this place has lots of ads too. Then again, maybe you can find just the right sort of exercise program for yourself here.


~ by IndianaDunesPoet on November 9, 2008.

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