Who Ya Gonna Choose for Prez?

The time has finally arrived. We will be voting for President within the next week and by now, most of us have decided who our choice is. There is time left for anyone who is still sitting on the fence. They, and perhaps you, have accessed some of the websites that provide information meant to be neutral and unbiased—about the candidates. If you voted early or for some reason looking for a CyberScribbles column about Halloween, all I can say is sorry, you missed it. Go to www.cyberscribbles.wordpress.com and read it online.

Project Vote Smart (www.votesmart.org). This website provides biographical information about candidates from all levels of government running for office, plus voting records, issue positions, and interest group ratings. Many candidates have agreed to take Project Vote Smart’s “Political Courage Test,” questions focused on the candidate’s support of specific issues. Interestingly, Indiana’s Democratic governor candidate Jill Long Thompson chose not to take the courage test, while Mitch did agree to take it. See the results for yourself.

Open Secrets (www.opensecrets.org). So you want to know who the heavy-hitting donors are and which lobbyists support which candidate? The list of donors here include several who are presently serving time in Federal prison. Interesting.

Political Derby (www.politicalderby.com). This website is billed as “a haven for political junkies.” That is good news for all those people who want to talk politics with someone, but those “someones” don’t want to listen to the same old biases. This is a wonderful spot to find Op/Ed pieces to read, and lots of links to political subject matter. Rather than change your mind about the candidate of your choice, this site and its links will probably reinforce your decision.

Fact Checking (www.politifact.com). This is not the same site that all the journalists and the web-savvy flock to after a candidate’s speech. This is an alternate selection, provided by the St. Petersburg Times and Congressional Quarterly. It might have less Internet traffic on it, and that is why I am suggesting this url to you. You will like the Truth-O-Meter, which lets you know when a politician has stretched the truth way too far. Outright lies show up as “Pants on Fire.” While you are roaming around, try the Cabinet Maker—your chance to choose the next President’s top advisors. You’ll learn some things about potential seat holders—by Party– for the Cabinet posts.

Voter Voter (www.votervoter.com). This site is a commercial venture. It is trying to drum up your business to buy an ad supporting your Presidential choice that you produce and star in, instead of sending your monetary contribution to your candidate of choice. I guess the Voter Voter premise is all about people’s egos and hunger for their 15 minutes of fame. (We journalists would advise you to look into our personal career choice.) Plus the opportunity to send your passionate message about why people must vote for your candidate. I believe you can broadcast your point of view on this website after registering free.


~ by IndianaDunesPoet on October 28, 2008.

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