Regular readers of this column know that I tend to skip right by most all of the holidays of the year. Then, around, Halloween, I slam on the brakes and bring you websites brimming with information about this October fright festival. This year is no different. Is it because Halloween is my favorite time of year? Not really. There just appears to be lots going on fright-wise this time of the year.

Halloween Express (www.halloweenexpress.com). You want to get some ideas for costumes, and this is a good place to do that. Hopefully, you are making your own costume in the spirit of green living and recycling, although you can recycle a costume down at the local costume shop. I was amazed to see so many scary clown masks here. No wonder so many people are paranoid about clowns.

Halloween Street (www.halloweenstreet.com). This is another costume site, and it has a special section for pet costumes. Pets, who cannot tell you how they feel about being squeezed into a bunch of foreign material, can assume personas such as insects or flowers, fairies, or other animals. Humans can choose from the latest trends for their own costumes: a golden Buddha,a hippie woman, or Edward Scissorhands for a meager $200.

Haunted House Finder Directory (www.hauntedhouseonline.com/). Are you one of those fans that go out of your way to scare yourself silly in a haunted happening in the region? Find those haunted houses close to you right here. Just click on the U.S. map and a host of links will lead you to individual websites—almost all of them welll-executed. Hmm. How about a road trip over to Huntington to the Haunted Hotel sponsored by the Jaycees? Roam the 13th floor, which, apparently goes on forever. Made me think of the Sheraton in Gary, and how that white elephant could be transformed into a potential moneymaker during the Halloween season. Anyway, Niles’ (Michigan) Haunted House Scream Park is listed in this directory, and it’s open already. Others fairly close by are Kokomo’s Twisted Darkness and Crest Hill’s (Illinois) Stateville Prison.

Castle of Spirits (www.castleofspirits.com). Get yourself in the mood for ghoulish adventure by reading up on all the ghost stories here. Hard-core ghost hunters from the Austrailian Ghost Hunters Society keep a message board, plus sightings, unexplained phenomena, and videos.

The Bone Garden (www.thebonegarden.com). Would if you don’t have the extra money this year to explore one of the many haunted attractions? The next best thing, if you aren’t into Halloween-type scary movies would be to visit the Bone Garden and take a virtual haunted tour. You can be sure the kids won’t be so scared that they cannot fall asleep at night after exploring this online haunt.

Ghoul Skool (www.ghoulskool.com). This is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to create their own props, masks, costumes, or anything Halloween-related. Whoever came up with the idea should be congratulated. It’s well worth a visit.


~ by IndianaDunesPoet on October 1, 2008.

One Response to “Halloween”

  1. You should add the This Old House pumpkin carving contest to the list!! It’s totally cool and you can win prizes ANDDD have your pumpkin on the web.

    Here’s the info
    TOH Pumpkin-Carving Contest
    Carve your best jack–o’–lantern for a chance to appear on This Old House website and win valuable prizes!

    link: http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/halloween

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