Political Cartoons to Pet Cemetery

They say variety is the spice of life, but I still don’t understand why there are so many recipe sites on the Web. If I took the time and inspected each one thoroughly, I might find enough differences to pick a favorite. But if I am just looking for a specific recipe, I’m not choosy as to where it comes from. Such is the case for many, many websites that appear to replicate information.

Foodproof (www.foodproof.com). It was not a particular recipe that found me at this site, but an article titled, “100 Things You Should Eat Before You Die.” Number 88 on the list is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Who has not eaten a pb&j in his lifetime, barring those with allergies? Number 76 on the list is head cheese. That is something I personally can avoid without any regrets. On the other hand, being of Polish descent, I have not been able to avoid czarnina—duck blood soup. The motto of Foodproof is simple: “A community where your ideas about food matter.” That’s good, because no one can tell you what you should like, and it’s okay to avoid the 100 foods you “should” eat.

Free Hearing Test (www.freehearingtest.com). Not a diagnostic test, this site lets you discover whether you can hear the major tones. And if not, you can do something about it. Before you run off to the office where they sell hearing aids, try out this little test. You will need a set of headphones.

Political Cartoons (www.politicalcartoons.com). This website promotes and sells cartoonists’ up-to-the-minute creations. Looking is free, however. The time is ripe, with the elections near, for some juicy political cartoons. And that is something you don’t see often in the new online journalism. Maybe print newspapers will be around longer than we think, because the best political cartoons are still in print, and much harder to find on the Web.

Tips & Tools for eBay Auctions (www.auctioninsights.info). I tripped upon this on my way to somewhere else. I suppose a person could save a bundle avoiding those bricks-and-mortar seminars if they are willing to study online. There are several free, quality tutorials here and there are free templates to spiff up your “sales area.” If you’ve considered joining the eBay bandwagon, I would check this out.

Homework Spot (www.homeworkspot.com). Here is a handy portal to help schoolchildren find just the right help for any given subject. Why, oh why wasn’t something like this available to those of us from a pre-computer era? Back then, we relied on our parents, which required them to be knowledgeable in every subject. One of the links here leads to BJ Pinchbeck’s Homework Helper, which is the gold standard for homework help. I’m willing to bet your little student spends maybe three minutes here before hopping over to MySpace or Facebook for “more important stuff.” Their mistake.

Virtual Pet Cemetery (www.mycemetery/pet/). Post your devotional or epitaph for your beloved pet and it will remain here indefinitely. The site offers a way to achieve a kind of catharsis by putting your fond memories into digital print for posterity. The rest of us can scan and read about your Gus or Fluffy and learn how much your furry friend meant to you. This is a nice way to immortalize your pet.


~ by IndianaDunesPoet on September 25, 2008.

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