Games, Issues, that Rooster

Did you notice the new marketing ploy being shown on prime time television the past few weeks? It plays on the curiosity killed the cat theme, giving us a Web address to figure out what the commercial is supposed to be about. Good for stats, no doubt, but those poor souls who do not use computers must be having second thoughts about refusing to join the technological revolution.

Silence Your Rooster ( Okay, I bit. The television ad had be wondering what the wayward rooster scenes were meant to represent. It is not too far of a stretch to learn that the ad promotes a particular brand of sleeping pill. The trick is not to be duped into thinking we need one when we don’t.

Futility Closet ( The site’s proprietor brings us welcome, intelligent diversion to our humdrum workdays. I particularly like his oddities section, carefully written and researched.

On the Issues ( As November draws closer, we can avoid the American political arena only so long. When it comes to finally choosing the candidate that best fits your ideal, you can access Obama’s or McCain’s stand on every issue, including their voting records, and speeches. This site gives a complete rundown of all government leaders, with updates. I did not find the Forum area to be of any worth, but the individual platforms were very enlightening. You can take a 20-question quiz that is supposed to indicate which candidate best fits your thinking on the issues. One thing I strongly disliked about this website was the distracting, flashing banners floating at the top. I try my best to avoid those kinds of pages.

Good Graffiti ( I think that the message about graffiti has to be sensitive to the aesthetics of public spaces, which this site attempts to promote. Because, well, people get arrested to marring walls and such, and two Americans were recently arrested for their spree of train car graffiti here and abroad. But this site is about “beauty, change, chance, silliness, and challenging ideas,” and the hundreds of images reveal no defacement. The slideshow was sluggish on my desktop computer, and you may be too impatient to wait. I enjoyed the images from Tbilisi, which best fit the times.

LP Cover Lover ( If you wax nostalgic about those 78rpm disks of the 1950’s, you can browse hundreds of covers, many so obscure that you’ll wish you had it to sell on eBay. I found it fun scrolling through a land of surreal albums, and wondered whether it’s the album art, or the cut groove, that actually sells the record.

Parade Games ( Okay, I bit again. I saw this Web address on an inside page of the magazine that comes with the Sunday paper. True to its word, there were dozens of free games to access. Gamers would call these a derogatory name. I enjoyed the Wheel of Fortune game with lifelike wheel-spin noises and audience applause. If I wanted to waste more time, I would have tried Scrabble Blast or Crosswords, but I had ironing to do.


~ by IndianaDunesPoet on September 25, 2008.

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