Paris Metro, Fogbows, Walkerton, Wacky(Useful) Uses

Sometimes it can be extremely difficult finding websites that are worth talking about. It’s true that you have to sift through a mountain of junk to find just one website worthy of the space it occupies. So, after a futile surfing session I returned to two websites that I had reviewed several years back. Happily, they appeared as I had remembered them. Maybe you’ll remember them, too.

Paris Metro ( This is a new find, requiring Flash. With the premise of chasing an attractive woman through a web of Metro stops, this visual train trip entertains us with surprises at selected stops. If you are familiar with the Paris Metro, you’ll enjoy this much more than someone who has not encountered the City of Light.

Atmospheric Optics ( I never knew what a Fog Bow was, or a Glory, or the Broken Spectre until I moseyed around this site. I found a bounty of photos of iridescent atmospheric phenomena that lucky photographers have captured for us. I’m glad that someone gave us an opportunity to see what light playing on water drops, or dust, or ice crystals looks like. The photos are phenomenal.

Fourteen Places to Eat ( Walkerton native Kay Westhues is confident that we can type in “fourteenplacestoeat-“ without misspelling the Web address. But if we can’t, we can go to Plan B, which is to type in That might be easier. Either way, I was certain I had run across this site sometime in the past. Kay Westhues is a photographer whose eye for the unusual brings us some exceptional images. She roams rural Northern Indiana for her subjects. If Westhues’ name sounds familiar, perhaps it’s because her exhibit, “Everyday Mysteries,” is being displayed at the Lubeznik Center through September 7.

True Americans ( Resurrected from the last Presidential campaign, True Americans is back, wanting our views about Obama and McCain. During September, the site’s creators plan to travel the country collecting stories and pictures about people’s candidate of choice. I suppose the purpose of this site could be twofold: first, you could easily connect to people’s opinions about the candidate you’ll be voting for; and second, in 100 years, if this site still exists, people who access can gain insights into a 2008 voter. Unless you are big on the current Presidential campaigns, you can pass this by.

Wacky Uses ( This is a gem from a past excursion on the

Web, and I suggest that you bookmark it. Have you seen the advertisement for a book about one hundred uses for vinegar? Well, you can find at least 60 uses right here at this website. There is a huge repository of helpful hints and uses for well-known products here. Did you know that dryer softener sheets work well to repel mosquitoes, dissolve soap scum from shower doors and are good for collecting shedding cat hair? And coffee filters clean windows lint free, and are good for applying shoe polish. Ever wondered about the best way to clean tarnished silver? You’ll find a recipe using nonfat dry milk and a few other ingredients that supposedly works like a charm. If you are thrifty, you will want to refer to the examples on this site before you go out and buy the expensive product.


~ by IndianaDunesPoet on August 27, 2008.

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