Help Us or Distract Us

While we’re grumbling about the high gasoline prices and just about everything else, let’s take a break and see what sorts of websites can help us, or at least distract us.

The Daily Green ( We are hearing more and more about “carbon footprints.” Almost makes a person feel guilty for flying off somewhere to visit family or to take a vacation. And yet, most of the people I know are trying to be conscientious about recycling, and the many other ways each of us impact the environment. This website offers tips and advice for living a greener lifestyle. Now, some people have been living greener for a long, long time, yet it seems that the Green movement has finally hit its stride and only recently become fashionable. In the spirit of this new “fashion,” go to the website and take a little quiz to determine your “Live Impact” score. Scores range from 150-900, and mine was in the bottom third, I’m happy to say. My score also told me that my annual carbon output was 6 tons. That’s scary.

The Dollar Stretcher ( I am so glad that it’s finally okay to admit to shopping at thrift stores. It’s fashionable now, folks. A few years back I mentioned in this column a website that listed thrift shops by state—a wonderful service for everyone who’s feeling the financial pinch. I will sort through by files of links to find it for you, but not this week. As a substitute, check out this website, which is nothing fancy, but filled to the brim with links to articles about saving money. This is a good website to know about right now, and I’m guessing you will find at least two or three articles here that will be helpful to you.

Natural Highs ( What inspires you? If you are out of ideas, you can generate a list of things that contributors have mailed in to the site. Add your own, and make the list grow.

Scientific Blogging ( Some science articles are a little too difficult for the average person to read. This website posts articles that are easy to understand. I was particularly interesting in an article that talked about an easy solution for CFL lightbulb disposal. The product is not on the market yet, however. Now, if someone could tell me where to dispose of batteries (camera, flashlight, etc), I would be very happy.

Henriette’s Herbal Homepage ( I love her tag line: “Welcome to the Bark Side.” You’ll find everything you ever wanted to know about herbs here. She includes scans of major works about herbs dating back to the 1890’s, hundreds of images, and wonderful links. One definitely worth mentioning is Jonathan Treasure’s ( He has downloadable charts regarding medicinal herb use and potential drug interactions. He also notes that “in Europe, herbal medicine [the practice] is a legally recognized healthcare delivery system.” Treasure is a trained practitioner and he has a wealth of information on his site, too.


~ by IndianaDunesPoet on July 9, 2008.

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