Social Networking Wars; Summer Camps

There is a reason I’ve never reviewed social networking websites MySpace, Facebook and Friendster. I found a clever video that satirizes the social networking trend and parents of teens might want to have a look at it. Among my other meanderings, I came across several directories for summer camps, plus other goodies.

Social Networking Wars ( Yes, that is a long web address. May I suggest that you log on to my blog at There you can just click the link to this video. I’ve already done the work for you. This short animation succinctly sums up my attitude towards those social networking sites, and it accurately portrays, sadly, the addictive effects of the Internet. My observations have revealed that when the younger generation is not logged on a laptop, they have a cell phone plastered to their ears. My guess is that their phone conversations resemble a page from MySpace.

Summer Camp Directories. I ran across several, so I present to you more than one web address to access. Most offer the same sort of information. I know I’m late in the season for telling you about these, but who knows? Some of these camps, which vary from basic camping, swimming, archery, etc, to more specialized, such as Scuba, whitewater rafting, wilderness, archeology and such, may possibly have openings in the weeks ahead. Try these:,,, or Most of these give tips for choosing a camp and how to deal with your child’s homesickness. Also, check out, where you will discover Paul Newman’s camps have expanded globally for children with disabilities. Even if you do not have a child with a disability, you will be amazed at the amenities these camps provide.

Hulu ( The people at have been buzzing about this alternative to cable television. Yes, you can watch The Daily Show, Colbert Report, The Office, and Family Guy without paying for cable—if you have a fast internet connection. You can watch some decent, full-run movies, too. Sideways is listed, for example. I don’t have cable and sometimes I feel left out when others start talking about certain television programs. The internet is doing its best to change that. Give a high five for this noble democratic effort.

Divine Caroline ( Not that there is a dearth of websites focused entirely on women’s interests, but so many of them are offshoots of print magazines. This one has no such ties, so you will find far, far fewer ads floating around when you log on to the site. Plus, Divine Caroline actively seeks articles from its users. They even proofread your copy for you. But, ahem. They do not pay. Veteran freelancers will want to shun the offer, yet having one of your articles posted online is a good way for budding freelancers to add to their portfolios. I forgot to mention that this website is chock full of links. I like that. The content of the site is the same as in most women’s magazines: beauty, health, relationship issues, and recipes. If you are tired of the commercial and flashier sites, have a look at this one.

Wave Journey ( I followed a link from Divine Caroline and discovered a wonderful resource for women travelers. Actually, the site bills itself as “A Woman’s Directory for Travel & Life.” I stumbled upon a wonderful article, for example, about little known freebies one can find in Paris. It’s possible to find similar information on TripAdvisor, but the more I surf, the more I find little gems like this that are impossible to discover with a Google search.


~ by IndianaDunesPoet on June 17, 2008.

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