Sports, and T.E.D.

It’s not often you find me writing about sports websites, but you will find a few here this week. Enjoy this rare treat, because you’ll probably have to wait another year until I get around to looking at them again. Let’s say I did it in the spirit of attempting to stay well rounded. In addition to the sports sites, you can access information about the recent Mars exploration and discover some exceptional “visioneers” at TED.

Olympics ( As the summer games approach in Beijing, we can educate ourselves about the 35 sports and 400 events that comprise the Olympics. You’ll find a thorough history of each sport here, and you can access information about all medalists honored since 1896. There is a bounty of information here for those who follow the games. What I did not know is that Taekwondo was added as a competitive sport in 2000, and that canoe and kayak racing has been part of the games since 1936. Too bad that television does not cover those sports. A whitewater canoe slalom would be fun to watch.

Auto Racing ( Curiosity had me accessing IndyCar, because I wanted to find out how much gasoline was consumed during the Indianapolis 500. Being a practical sort, I find motor racing a waste, particularly with the gas price increases being blamed on projections of huge consumption increases internationally. I did learn that the engines at the Indy 500 run on ethanol, something I would not have known had I not found this site. Fans of auto racing might like the interviews with drivers, stats and more stats, and, they will already know what the red, green, black-cross, red cross, and other flags mean. I know it is two weeks past the big May event that puts our state in the spotlight, but fans of the sport know that more races happen elsewhere. Go here to get all the latest news of the sport.

Play Golf America ( Duh. So that is what PGA stands for! I am wondering if some casual golfers have been as ignorant of that fact as I was. This website is a teaser to get people to become hooked on the sport. The site encourages women to get involved to get ahead in the business world; secondly, to get exercise. What is nice for golf widows and their children is the designated Family Golf Month in July at participating local clubs. That includes a “Take Your Daughter to the Course Week” July 7-13. I was hoping I could tell you about some free golf tips videos to watch here, but I could find only those that you have to order online. Sorry about that. You can type in your zip code and find the nearest links with PGA family programs, special events and more. (Note: PGA stands for Professional Golf Association, doesn’t it? Duh, again!)

Mars Mission ( The folks down in Tempe are mighty proud to have assisted with the launching of the Phoenix’ Mars mission. Their website posts the latest photos taken from the landing site, and informs us with background information about our neighboring planet in a link named “Mars 101.” If you’ve been following the latest space mission, log on and see what’s new.

T.E.D. ( My friend Charlotte sent me a link to this site, which is a visual summary of an annual, invitation-only conference to “Technology, Entertainment, and Design.” Its mission is to foster the spread of great ideas. The link that took me to the site was a demonstration of a very intricate robotic prosthesis designed by Segway inventor Dean Kamen. The prosthesis has been tested by, and designated for wounded soldiers currently. This video, along with many others, gives us a glimpse into the world of innovative “visioneers.” Not only inspiring, this website is a wonderful antidote to all the negative news we are bombarded with daily.


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