Not Always Right, Etsy, and More

As I embark on my semiannual trip to Arizona, I have had to surf for not one, but two columns before I left. That is my excuse for presenting a mish-mosh of unrelated sites this week. I’m really good at rambling aimlessly around the Web looking for interesting stuff to tell you about. You have no idea how many sites I reject in the process. Meanwhile, my garden is languishing from lack of care.


Not Always Right ( Have you ever worked as a retail clerk, or in a service-related occupation? If so, you will appreciate the postings of employees having to deal with a clueless, or rude, or irritating customers. But you don’t have to be employed in service to enjoy this site.  I became addicted to reading the stories (short enough for short attention spans) and was laughing uncontrollably at most of the postings. This is way more funny that many of the so-called humor sites.


Botany Photo of the Day ( This is just what it says, plus much additional garden information. (See last week’s CyberScribbles for garden websites).


Everything Turquoise ( Well, why not? Here is a website dedicated to things you can buy in that summery color, or close approximations, including teal, robin’s egg blue, aqua, sky blue, seafoam, and ocean blue. All in one place. Now you are going to ask me if there are similar sites dedicated to other colors, such as coral or peach. The answer is, I don’t know. I did not check. But if I were a betting person, I would say yes, probably.


Recycleholic ( I am writing this column on Earth Day. Is that not appropriate? And here we have a very sincere gentleman who is logging all of his efforts of keeping our planet as decluttered as possible in these complex times. This man is by no means preachy, just dedicated. So dedicated that he does the math to figure out the effectiveness of each of his recycling projects. Chances are that few people outside of his acquaintances find their way to this blog. I am glad I ran across it. This blogger deserves praise for his recycling efforts.


Etsy ( Attention all artists! You need to know about this site, if you don’t already. With art fairs taking a nosedive in sales and popularity, and marketing efforts taking all of your energy, Etsy comes through with a way for you to sell your wonderful hand made pieces of art to customers around the world. Attention art buyers! You need to discover Etsy, too. First, patronize our local artists—they are among the best of the best anywhere, right here in your hometown and environs. If they don’t happen to have what you are looking for, you can place a request for a commission that Etsy artists can bid on. How cool is that? Browse through pages and pages of a variety of art mediums and learn about the individual artists. Many have links to their own web pages, too.


Scrap Album ( Are you a collector of ephemera? Then you will like this illustrated history of early traditions, with links to dozens of ephemera collectors and sellers.


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