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Our gardening columnist Maggie Beyer has the right idea: drink in the scents of the outdoors; dig in the dirt for stress management, nurture your soul in the garden while your plants benefit from your presence. Meanwhile, I’ve neglected my garden in order to hole up inside to surf for garden sites. Anyway, welcome the Merrie Month of May with some overlooked garden sites.


Garden Humor ( This is probably listed on page 125 of a Google search, because it is a home-grown, low-ad, folksy kind of stop along the Web. The humor might be a little on the corny side, but sometimes that is very refreshing. The garden tours have some nice—maybe even under rated photos. The “news” is funny. And I like the name of the book for sale here: “Soiled Reputations.” Have a look. You might find an answer to one of your gardening dilemmas.


Plant Swap ( You might swap garden lovelies with friends and neighbors. On the other hand, you might be wondering where to find some obscure plant or impossible-to-locate seed varieties. This site could be your answer. It is basically a gardeners’ discussion forum—nothing fancy. That is probably because those who post reserve fancy for their gardens, not the Web.


Flower Garden News ( The contents are appropriate for “kids 1-92.” And there are plenty of articles and tips to read. It was here that I learned I could use a castor oil product to rid myself of a very pesky mole problem (ask me later if it works). If you have found some seeds from the Plant Swap website, you can download some printable seed packets here to put them in.


Herbal Gardens ( Find information about herbs, plus recipes for your home-grown favorites. The site also includes seed catalog information. Discover how herbs promote not only a kick to your taste buds, but also to your wellbeing.


Garden-Gate ( Be prepared for a huge repository of links taking you to specific information about gardening. There are free online books to read, virtual garden tours, and even an article about saving those dying indoor plants of yours.


Weed Identification ( Are you persnickety about your lawn? Finding clumps of quackgrass, crabgrass, and unknown wild things that don’t belong? This double-framed page can help you learn about those weeds. Plug in descriptive information in the left frame, or use the right frame for a link to some of the more common weeds. What surprised me were a number of native wild plants listed, included prickly pear. These are in lower case letters; the nasty varieties are in all caps, if it helps you to know. Cats are not going to appreciate that catnip is listed as a weed here.


Prairies ( We live close to several wild prairies, and this web page gives you links to many of them. Learn the types of plants that thrive in each, and which birds and insects inhabit them.





~ by IndianaDunesPoet on May 6, 2008.

One Response to “Gardening”

  1. There is nothing sweeter smelling than the wet loam of fresh turned soil, YUM! I’m up to my elbows in horse tails and even though it gets frustrating to have to keep on top of them, it is the best excuse I have to get outdoors. Maybe listening to the Osprey and hawks while I’m weeding helps, too! I have found the website to be a fairly decent resource, too.

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