Unusal Summer Festivals


            The big question for many families today is, “Do we plan to take a vacation this summer now that the gasoline prices have risen so high?” If the answer remains “Yes!” then here are a few zany festivals you might want to consider attending.


Summer Redneck Games (www.summerredneckgames.com). Outside of Atlanta, Georgia, in the little town of Dublin, the folks have been hosting this event since 1996. When Atlanta hosted the Summer Olympics, Dublin citizens decided to offer a down-home alternative. Starting with the arrival of the propane torch, the games include a Mudpit Belly Flop competition, Bobbing for Pigs feet, and a Hubcap Hurl, among other amusing distractions. The event occurs in July, but as of this writing, I am unsure of the exact dates.


Mashed Potato Wrestling Days (www.potatodays.com). All spud lovers would be happy to mosey over to Barnesville, MN on August 22 &23 this summer. In addition to ingesting various potato recipes, visitors can witness the Miss Tator Tot Pageant, Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head contest, Potato Car races (like the pinewood derby but with potatoes), a potato sculpting contest, potato sack fashions, potato stacking competition, and potato peeling contests. Potato wrestling—a variation of mud wrestling, is also on the list of events. The organizers call the festival “Spud’riffic fun.”


Gilroy Garlic Festival (www.gilroygarlicfestival.com). Actually, next to the potatoes, this California town’s festival sounds tame, except maybe for the pungent odors that must float around the festivities. No garlic eating contests, just a Great Garlic Cookoff where entrants submit some superb recipes. Last year’s winning recipes are on the website. Expect a parade, musical entertainment, and a juried arts and crafts festival, garlic, and that’s about it. Do you want to drive all the way to California for that? If so, reserve your last full weekend in July.


Oatman Sidewalk Egg Fry (www.oatmangoldroad.com). If you are lingering out West waiting for the Garlic Fest, head over to Oatman on July Fourth for their Sidewalk Egg Cooking contest. This northwest Arizona town should be mighty steamy—well, dry heat, that is, at the height of summer. Oatman is famous for the wild burros that roam around town. Another of its festivals is the International Burro Bisket Toss, date not listed. You would do just as well here in the Midwest at one of the cow chip throwing events.


Blythewood Kudzu Fest (www.kudzufest.net). I’m beginning to think that these small southern towns have the most creative festivals. Blythewood, South Carolina is overgrown with kudzu, and in the spirit of spinning the nuisance into a positive, the townsfolk have come up with an original. Fiber artists use the vine to create baskets, fishing creels, angel sculptures and more. Winner of the Miss Kudzu crown wears a gown with a kudzu theme. I am not sure if the kudzu-eating contest is for real. What is hilarious is an article on this site about How to Grow Kudzu. Festival organizers say, “Kudzu—we support it, we appreciate it, and we’re just trying to make it a happy thing.”  The event happens in September. The locals also mention that kudzu covers 7.7 million acres of the southeastern United States. Maybe those of us around Michigan City ought to think of organizing a Garlic Mustard, or Purple Loosestrife Festival?


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