Happy Stuff

Upbeat, happy, nice and good are keywords that describe the majority of sites I found over the past week. As I sit writing this, we are in our umpteenth day of cloudy and wet weariness. I’m hoping that by the time this column is in print and in your hands, those dreary days are finally behind us.


Happy News (www.happynews.com). News addicts might want to counteract the effects of daily, negative news reports with a thoroughly enjoyable dose of all positive news. This is the place to find all sorts of good news (after reading the Beacher, which comes first). I’ve known doctors to tell their patients to stop watching the network news and daily newspapers as an effort to promote wellness. At this site, news addicts can have their news and enjoy it, too. Nothing to grumble about.


Do One Nice Thing (http://.doonenicething.com). Debbie Tenzer, who established this website, wanted to do something to contribute to humanity. She suggested starting the week off right by doing something altruistic on a Monday, the day many of us dread just because it’s the start of the workweek. She urges everyone to become a nice-oholic by finding something to contribute to the needy. Through her efforts to establish a worthy place on the Internet, Do One Nice Thing site visitors have contributed 140,000 pounds of school supplies to U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan to give to local children. That is just one of several success stories. The site lists current needs from various places and organizations, and another section allows you to submit suggestions for specific giving campaigns. Much of the giveways deal with schoolchildren’s needs. If you have reams of unused paper, stacks of unused pencils, or folders, or what-have-you, you can find a place to donate them here.


Free Photoshop Express (www.photoshop.com/express). If you’ve watched the digital editing world pass you by because of the steep price of Photoshop, or don’t have spare change for Photoshop Elements, its less-expensive clone, then raise a cheer for Photoshop Express. Launched in late March of this year, it is a web-based program that lets you have as much fun with your photos as those who own the fee-based software. Although I haven’t taken a spin around the site yet, it says that it is easier to use than its big brothers’ programs. Don’t expect all the bells and whistles, I’m guessing. Now, go make yourself a masterpiece.


Giveaway of the Day (www.giveawayoftheday.com). It’s worth a daily glance to see what the day’s free (computer software) giveaway might be. This is the full version of licensed software that you get, not a watered-down ir trial version. I noticed several spyware sweepers, registry fixers, and other helpful computer maintenance tools from past giveaways. Each software offer has been checked for potentially harmful viruses, so it looks like a safe bet. Each product comes with an in-depth review, so you can pick and choose what is right for you.


Free Movie Scripts (http://sfy.ru/). Free screenplays to read will appeal to movie buffs who might want to search for some specific lines from a favorite movie. Maybe. Or, those buffs will rent and watch the movie to find those lines. On the other hand, if you ever have considered writing your own screenplay, you now have a valuable reference point for formatting your creative product. And if anyone wants to perform a particular scene from a favorite movie, voila! Here you have the script. Choose from a huge selection of movies, and have fun.


~ by IndianaDunesPoet on April 8, 2008.

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