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Last week I told you about the B-Movies site, where you can watch older, classic, and somewhat recent (within the past 15-20 years) movies on your computer. This week, I found another place to watch full-run movies free. In addition, I found a place where you can register your complaints about companies or individuals who scam you. Plus, you might like to see some design and oddball home websites while you wander around cyberspace.


Fancast ( Some of us, including me, do not have cable television. In fact, we need to apply for those coupons the government is giving away so that we can watch digital television next year. But when you cannot find anything decent on the tube to watch, or you are not an NCAA basketball fan, then you can turn to fancast and enjoy a variety of movies or full episodes of select television shows instead. Of course, I’m assuming that you have a fast internet connection. Otherwise, don’t bother. You can watch Sideways, or The Big Lebowski, for example. Or, for us cable-deprived, we can catch full episodes of Ghost Hunters, Monk, Arrested Development, and lots more. Again, I’m assuming that the weather is going to still be cold and wet and therefore parking in front of the computer is not too unhealthy a thing to do. Fancast is in Beta (meaning testing mode), and is brought to us by Comcast. How cool is it that we don’t have to subscribe to cable to feel like we are not being left out?


Strange Closets ( Don’t be fooled by the name. This Chicago-based offering describes its mission thus: “When design takes priority, the result is often strange closets.” Still doesn’t explain what this website is about? Well, how about taking an informal tour of places (stores, hotels, restaurants) where this native Chicagoan finds inspiration? He spotlights his favorite stores in short bursts of narrative that promise not to bore.  If you like his visuals you might want to take a trek to Chicago just to find these off-the-radar places.


Fresh Home ( The “tips, gadgets, and inspirations for your home” include a selection of “extreme beds,” among other things. Imagine living in a very small space where you can store your full-sized bed above you near the ceiling. You have to see for yourself to appreciate the design and innovation. This website is not a store selling anything. It’s just for inspiration, and maybe adapting some of the many ideas it presents.


Offbeat Homes ( Next to Lol Cats and Cute Overload, I enjoy wandering the Web looking at all sorts of homes. Two worth mentioning are: a recycled house made from an airplane, which looks like it belongs on Lost Island; and an egg-shaped abode. Click the link on the page (What the Flip) to see more odd dwellings.


Ripoff Report ( I am certain there are other consumer complaint websites that may be even better than this one. However, you might find yourself feeling like a voyeur when you read some of the sad tales people have submitted. This site was created by consumers for consumers, and so everyone who posts is responsible for filing and documenting their complaints. One caveat posted is that not all reports are authentic or necessarily accurate. The overall intent of the site is to educate consumers. It is also a place to sound off, as you’ll see from the postings.


~ by IndianaDunesPoet on April 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “Fancast, Design, Ripoffs”

  1. Hi Paula, thanks for the nice words about fancast. And yes, as you discovered, we have tons of great TV shows and movies up full-length and totally free, as well as fun interviews with some of the stars. I just watched “Mullholland Drive” which I had missed and wanted to see. And TV-wise, you have to be careful because you can spend hours just going from one great show to another – if you’re sneaking a look in at work, try to have a panic button in case the boss comes by! 🙂 Your readers might like to know the direct link to the movies at fancast is and TV shows is
    Jim (for fancast)

  2. Kisses for the link love – I appreciate it very much. Also, Fresh Home rocks, I love that blog, good picks 🙂

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